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Progression, and the fun and stress that comes with it

March 7, 2010
The Orb Whisperer, 10 Player

The Orb Whisperer, 10 Player

Tonight, we achieved what I never expected. We actually managed to smash the Blood Princes, as our tank put it. However, I feel like it was a difficult progression. I was close to OOM for the last 10% of the fight (I wasn’t aware of the actual percentage at the time, it came as a total surprise.) Not only did we manage to down him, we got The Orb Whisperer achievement. It’s for no-one taking more than 23,000 spelldamage in one hit. Even though it’s considered part of the Glory Meta, I would put this solely down to our organised bear tank who managed the Orbs. I was rather suprised we did it, in the end. As we were two healing it, with my counterpart being a tree, we had both opposite healing methods covered. But I screwed up. I don’t often screw up. I managed it 4 – 5 times in that fight. Mostly with my Mana cooldowns, partly with not noticing my Beacon expire, and a couple of more minor things. But we did it. We are now in the phase of the 5% ICC health, damage and healing buff, which means tanks have effectively 10% more survivability than our disastrous first attempt. We did it, in my mind, by the skin of our teeth. That is proper progression, although I wish I had memories of it being more flawlessly executed by yours truly.

We went on to tackle Queen Lana’thel. Now, I don’t have that many friends in the game that play healers. No other Paladin healers, for certain. By extension, no Paladin healers in ICC. But I resent the way that fight works against the Paladin healer. Especially if RNG has it in for you. The more movement I have to do, the less healing I can get in, and the more annoyed I get. I don’t normally get wound up by ICC encounters, because I can generally see what’s going wrong, and work around it. It might take 3 attempts, but I will work out my own way of doing things. We had a good 15 or so tries on the Blood Queen, and each one seemed to demand something different. I didn’t think there would be a fight that niggled at me more than Festergut, or frustrated me more than the pulsing erratic damage that the Rotface encounter provides, but this one has me. A challenge is all well and good, but I resent feeling like my contribution is useless. As I said earlier, I have no other Paladins who I can go to for a chat about this, or advice on healing that fight. I know the Elitist Jerks suggest Beaconing the offtank, healing the maintank and the raid. I did so. They also suggest Shadow Resistance Aura, and to boost it with Aura Mastery during her flight phase. This was unavaliable to me, as one of the other healers insisted that Shadow Protection buff would be superior.

Who knows? I guess I’ll work it out eventually. Either way, it’s a rather shaky step down the road to progression. Shaky, but satisfying.


Blood Princes Killshot

Flames of the Phoenix 7th March 2010

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  1. March 8, 2010 10:01 am

    You know what pains me most about this?

    The fact I’m dating a Scottish man who insists on wearing a bunny suit in killshots.

    It makes me cringe.

    Otherwise – it was our first time defeating the BPC, and who gives a smeg how we did it, we did it. We rocked. Me and you can take over the world squish, one encounter at a time.

    Love ya

    • Zal permalink*
      March 8, 2010 10:05 am

      Not just in the killshots too. 😀
      When you said ‘who says I’m talking about ingame’ last night after that I seriously loled.
      And, ofc. Bring on tree slapping the Lich king to death.

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