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Keybound – The Scroll Wheel

March 8, 2010
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Keybound will be a little series I will be running on unusual keybindings.

The first of which I will address is the scroll wheel. This is a tip I picked up a while ago, and well, I thought I’d share it. This is mainly useful for DPS, although Tanks and Healers may find their own special use for it. Binding a particular key or move to the scroll wheel allows you to spam it much faster than it would be physically possible to click. Thus for something where you want to get a move off as fast as possible after the Global Cooldown expires, it does an excellent job. A prime example would be:

Steady Shot – For those of you not familiar with it, it’s a 1.5s cast (before haste) and will fire a damaging shot at the end of the cast. It has no cooldown other than triggering the GCD and can be spammed till the cows come home. This is great way to use Mr Scroll Wheel. When you get to the appropriate place in your rotation (as a Marks hunter for example, when your Chimera shot, Silencing shot and Aimed shot are all on cooldown) you can roll that wheel like there’s no tommorow, and you’ll be outputting that move as soon as the game allows you too instead of losing a few precious seconds in your rotation.

Other good uses that I have put the scroll wheel too:

Frost Strike, for a frost specced DK

Crusader Strike, for a Retadin

Heroic Strike, for rage dumping on a warrior

Wow, awful lot of strikes there. It does seem to work well with them! Here’s an example of where NOT to use scroll wheel:

Mind Flay – As a shadowpriest looking for an easy way to roll their rotation to a faster and happier place, this is not the spell to bind. Nothing channeled with no CD should be bound scroll wheel. This includes things like Warlocks’ Drain spells, and most directed aoes. The main reason being is that each roll of the button will say to the server- ‘He’s casting it again from scratch, send it again!’ and you will waste all your mana for no damage. So don’t do it.

Most DPS classes and specs have at least one move that is instant, and spammed every time it comes off CD. Why not try rolling with it?

A fast guide to setting this up:

Enter your main menu inside the game, and go to keybindings.

Scroll down to find where you have your ability. I’m using action button 1 (the first button on the bottom left of the screen) as an example. Click in the box Key 1, and roll the mouse wheel down once (carefully!). Then click in the box Key 2, and roll the mouse wheel up once (with reckless abandon). It should look a fair bit like this, although you will obviously be binding it to the appropriate button, which may take some finding:

Key1 and Key2

You should now be fully set up to roll away!


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  1. March 18, 2010 6:37 pm

    I use my scroll wheel bindings all the time as my resto druid combined with Vuhdo (so that the bindings “work” only when I am hovering over healthbars…I can’t stand losing the default zoom capabilities otherwise!)

    My scrollwheel-UP is Small Heal (Nourish)
    My scrollwheel-DOWN is Big Heal (Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch macro)

    I have also adopted the same binding philosophy for my Disc priest, with Small Heal being Flash Heal and Big Heal being Greater Heal.

    I love the scrollwheel for healing because if I see someone getting low I can start rolling like a maniac to get those heals off asap!

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