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Getting into ICC on your Alts

March 9, 2010
Ort Post ICC

Ort - Dwarven badass

Notoriously difficult to do, mainly because of the requirement these days to link an achievement for the simplest of things. My main advice? Take advantage of the weekly ICC when it comes around! As long as you really don’t suck, most raid leaders will let you in, wanting a fast group to take down Marrowgar. If you get lucky, they’ll even take on some more of the raid afterwards. An acquaintance of mine offered me a place in a PuG he was setting up. I have described it in story format for your leisure, or skipping purposes.

‘Heavens no,’ I replied to my aforementioned friend, ‘my Paladin is still required every week for ICC 10 progression! I couldn’t possibly come!’

‘Do you have any alts?’ he asked. I pondered on this. I have my badly undergeared and neglected Shadowpriest (of whom I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have respecced Disc for some old world fun runs), my fully T9 Frost Dual Wielding DK, and my T9 Hunter with the Darkmoon card of Agility. (The one that really hurts the ol’ wallet.) Out of all those, I enjoy my Hunter the most, and am generally capable of squeezing out the most dps on him. So I said:

‘What an excellent plan!’ and proceeded to swap. And off we went! We entered with a  2 tanks 8 dps 2 healer setup. Someone died on nearly every trash pull, which as a mainspec healer always makes me wince. We had a tank death on Marrowgar just before the end and downed him. I died on Deathwhisper from some nasty accident involving a badly timed ghost and an aoe frostbolt, when she was on 9%. Gunship went off without a hitch, as did Saurfang. I come away with-

1x Weekly quest done

2x New gear upgrades (Bracers and Gloves)

8x Frosties from the raid bosses dying, 5x Frosties from the weekly

Good haul, in my opinion.

You skippy skippers may start reading again here. But you may have missed out on an awesome experience. Anyway, PuGing that place can be extremely painful. I’ve had many worse times when it’s failed miserably. The happy thing is with this and all weekly random raid quests is that only the first boss need die. You don’t need to get saved to a fail group. If you enter with a message saying ‘Instance already in progress’ run like the blazes. The best part of it is you will often come away with an achievement if your group is decent enough. Ort got [Boned] (yes, hurf hurf) on Marrowgar, and the achievement for the first 4 bosses, which is enough on my server for even the most irritable of raid leaders to let you into any PuG. Hopefully it is on yours too!


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