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Joint 25 man raiding

March 10, 2010
Joint 25 man Naxx.

Early Wrath joint 25 Naxx

I don’t honestly know how common it is. But it seems to be reasonably common on Alliance / Terenas EU. I remember back in my days as a Horde, both in TBC and WotLK, when I was in a guild that could maintain its own 25 man runs, and do a decent job of them. Since I rerolled to my current main, Zalduun, I’ve experienced the Alliance raiding guilds. I know for a fact there are several guilds on the server that maintain their own 25 man raiding team. But the ones I end up in never seem to manage it. Not that it’s a bad thing, it just has the potential to be. My current guild used to be linked with one of the best guilds in the server pre ICC, where our agreement ended. This meant that once a week we could venture into ToC 25 and later on Onyxia 25, and reap the rewards. Things were shiny. More recently the other officers and I have negotiated joint raids with a new guild, to tackle ICC 25. Raiding 25 man is a very different kettle of fish to 10. Some people like it, I personally find it rather a different ball game. Playing as a healer, I find suddenly many more people taking damage, new unexpected things happening (shoulda listened to tactics), and people swiping my heals. The loot in 25 mans is often higher ilevel so superior stats, looks better, and helps you perform better in both 10 and 25 man raids (whereas 10 man gear is good for 10s, and just about covers 25s imo). I personally prefer the tight knit group that is 10, less to focus on, just two or three healers. You can know everyone, understand them, act as one far better.

Now I read that back to myself, a lot of my 25 man experiences have been coloured by the fact that I have spent the majority of Wrath doing joint 25 man raiding. Only knowing half the raid, having the random person do something stupid with massive ramifications, etc etc etc. I’m certain there’s such a thing as a tight knit 25 man group, who can move as one and batter through the content as efficiently and organised…ly as we do with the 10 man. I just haven’t been a part of one, at least not in a very long time. It would be an interesting experience to see current 25 man ICC content run like that.

However, the group we put together this evening for ICC 25 with our friends at < Caledonia > was an absolutely awesome one, and we sliced through the instance and downed Saurfang 25! I would call that excellent work, especially for a first run, and I look forward to doing things with them in the future. Whilst we weren’t always that organised together and there were a few communication issues, we were good enough to get that far. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot, and I look forward to future runs with them. It just goes to show that both can work when going with good people.

– Zal

Saurfang 25, Caledonia and Flames of the Pheonix

Saurfang 25, Caledonia and Flames of the Pheonix

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