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Raid Interface changes, then and now

March 12, 2010

When I first started the game, I had no idea addons could be used on a Mac. I was aware they existed, out there in the nether, but I thought they were some complex little .exe files that PC users got and Macs didn’t. I found out my error at about level 58 on my first character, and started using them. Overusing them. I fell victim to a cluttered UI at an early age. I’m now much further down the paths of design, and the concept of ninjaing ideas from others! My UI these days is a lot clearer, does what it needs to, and looks slick into the bargain.

I’ve sat down at least 4 times in Wrath to redo my interface from scratch. The first one was when I was still using the one pictured above on the left. I redid it with a heavy black theme and more customized raidframes (got rid of Xperl ages ago, thank goodness) and was happy with it. A month or two later I sat back from my screen and suddenly realised, what the hey, my screen is suddenly half dominated by the UI:

Massive Black UI

Massive Black UI

For your information, I don’t click my heal buttons as they shown their, but use Grid + Clique to heal. I only keep them on the interface to see if I get counterspelled, cooldown from Curse of Torpor, etc. But that was my UI (shown there on my Paladin and guild first kill of Ignis. It was an incredibly useful UI, if you had about 5 eyes and 2 brains. It was certainly more than I could focus on, and use at the same time. I ran for a long time with:



Which was my tweaking of the LUI UI. I’ve since tweaked that further than could be easily recognisable, but it’s now something that’s useful to me when healing and DPSing, which is what I need really. I have the stats nice and obvious, cast bar clear, threat meters are there, recount is snuggled in, raidframes are slick and clear who’s got what problem, buffs aren’t miles away, etc etc. It’s now something along the lines of:

Modern Day

Modern Day

Shinyful. I don’t doubt that it will shift a bit in the fullness of time, but I now have an interface I’m happy with, is practical for raiding, dungeoning, pvping and soloing and is stylish and non intrusive.



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