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Appearance slots, why not?

March 14, 2010
Overcloaks to be added soon

Horde, Alliance, Gnome and Troll Overcloaks.

A while back, Patch 3.3.3 was disassembled by the clever gnomes at MMO-Champion to reveal a lot of the Cataclysm prologue, to do with the retaking of Gnomeragan/Echo Isles for Alliance/Horde. This was what was to be said by MMO-Champ staff:

After digging a little more in the game files it also looks like players will be rewarded with “cosmetic cloaks” at some point. Apparently, Blizzard introduced an Overcloak mechanism that allows you to change the appearance of your cloak without having to unequip your regular super-epic cloak.

  • Gnomeregan Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak.
  • Orgrimmar Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak.
  • More spells should be introduced later according to the models I found in the game files.

Other MMO’s manage this just fine – Lord of the Rings Online for example. It’s a system loved by Roleplayers everywhere. No sacrificing the amazing epics, and you get to walk around looking just how you like. I know plenty of people who have old tier sets in their bank – Elsen’s favourite set was her hard earned T7.5 from early Wrath. I have a smattering of gear on my paladin that looks pretty awesome. I could put together a set that I’d rather wear over my Tier10. And now Blizzard are adding the mechanic for it, at least for cloaks.

In my opinion, this means Appearance slots are being developed for Cataclysm, or a major content patch after Cataclysm’s release. I would love to cobble a set together out of some old Sunwell gear –

Zal Sunwell

Mmm, gold leaf.

Especially that kick-ass shield (they’d have to do weapons and shields, right!?) Blizzard’s current only arguement against full appearance slots is ‘In arena’s, you wouldn’t be able to tell how well geared someone was in a split second, just by looking at them.’ Well… just disable it in Arenas. If they can turn off Lay on Hands and code it so that /e emotes come out as gibberish, they can make it so that the enemy doesn’t see your custom gear set up. I know as well as a Sunwell set I’d be tempted to enter battlegrounds’s in a Tux with the awesomeness cane. Or perhaps build up the early cloth/leather/mail sets from the starting zone gray drops, and save that. Or go back and find the old dungeon tier sets, and assemble them. Or the Amani Mask of Death. I was also personally tempted to build up t4 and combine it with my Aldor tabard to look like an Anchorite. So many options! Do it Blizzard, do it!


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