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Staying true to your character

March 14, 2010

See below. This is my Paladin. I am extremely proud of him, as a character. Even though he’s only been in existence half the time of say, my hunter, he’s done more things and met more people than my other characters rolled into one.

Don't ask about the tentacle, that wasn't mine.

He is what I could truly refer to as my Main. I’ve played a lot of different characters since I started. I’ve played every type of healer up to at least 50, for a start. At one point, I had reached the account wide character cap of 50 unique characters. Most of them were low alts, but they all existed. I had a massive tidyup after that. I treat alts as 1) A learning experience, and 2) a change of scene. There’s a certain charm in being low level, when you can have an empty slot and not care, wear gear that makes you look like you spend all day pushing buttons in a sweaty factory rather than the kind of gladiator-meets-spacesuit that I wear at the moment. But in the end, I’ll always return to my main to raid.

Raiding is the tie for me in this game. For example, when I got my hunter to 70, played a bit of PvP, did various things, I enjoyed it, but felt no qualms in then going and leveling my Priest. I got her to 70 too, and raided with them both. After that I never made more alts that I stuck to for more than a week. Then Wrath hit. My first priority was getting my Hunter up to 80, as I wasn’t happy with the pressure that was being levied on my Priest to respec shadow every other raid and to competitively heal when all the decent loot was going to the friends and family of the raid leader. (Rant within a rant, ftw) I got my Hunter to 80, but we were overloaded with ranged dps at that point. I was only 4th to 80 in the guild, but strangely the raiding group waited till the hunter played by the raid leader’s drinking buddy got to 80 before leaping into Naxx and telling me there was no spot. So I decided to try one of these new fangled Death Knights. There were one or two who had already reached 80 server wide, and a bucket-load trundling round Outland and Northrend. I got her to 80, and managed to wrangle my way into the raiding squad. It was fun, but I missed my olden days of healing. That guild collapsed in a pile of drama, and I wanted to escape that without actually deleting or moving realm. So I rerolled alliance, and leveled Zal up from 1. He went from tiny nublet to awesome endgamer surprisingly fast. I passed through a couple of guilds with varying attitudes before ending up where I am now.

My Paladin has a lot of achievements, rep, history, people who know him and him alone. I have every reason to stay on him. I’m healing, I have PvE and PvP holy sets, a ret PvE set, a prot set. I can do just about anything on him. So why do I keep deviating to alts? Recently I’ve leveled a rogue for the Single abstract noun project. That’s on hold at the minute, thanks to the amount of work I’m dealing with. I’ve been mucking around with a Shaman, tweaking my disc spec on my Priest. ‘Why is this?’ I find myself asking. Well, I find Paladins in a bit of a frustrating niche at the moment. I’ve always resented the fiddly way they buff. I’m not fond of the ramp up time with ret, single target. I don’t like how useless I am in an AoE healing situation. The dev team says ‘We hear they need more healing spells.’ Damn right we do. I hope they get around to that with reasonable speed. And that the spirit changes don’t screw up my healing. I’m perfectly happy to stick with my class as long as it’s slightly fixed in the long term – as most people are. The buffing I can’t realistically expect will ever change. But the healing most likely will.

I just need the strength of will to stick with him!


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