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Antics from a crashed Realm

March 23, 2010

Repent ye sinners! The realm is gone!

And so on. My main realm, Terenas, crashed and burned in flames yesterday evening. I was not best amused by this – I was mid 3v3 arena. From the realm list, it appeared our entire battlegroup had kicked the bucket. I guess there’s only so many Death Knights 60 AV can take.

I found my self thinking – do I do something useful with my time, like go and do some work? Do I go to bed early and get some nice refreshing sleep for the truckload of work I have to deal with the next day? Or, since I’m still on vent with my arena buddies, do we terrorize the remaining realms with our awesomeness? We ended up on Deathwing PVP, running around in a 3 man tank/dps/healer team of level 1 Taurens. We rocked that starting zone, then wiped after pulling two level 7 plainstriders. I think it was something to do with the fact that Biggs named his level 1 Tauren ‘Zalslover.’

Noob Death Knights

Noob Death Knights on Deathwing

Then we made noob Death Knights and mucked around in their starting zone. I confess to calling my pure white Tauren Icedmilk. I won a lot of Duels too! We had our lovely new Shaman Riccah being a DJ in vent too, so the whole thing was to the tune of that unusual Ulduar WoW song, Kasabian, and more tunes that I can’t remember. Elsen and Sham joined us later in the evening, mostly to talk and ask where the hell the Realm had gone.

Looking back on the whole thing from now, it’s quite an annoying thing to happen. I would certainly have been far more annoyed if the realm had gone splat during an ICC raid. Thankfully, I’m spread so far across realms that I could nearly always occupy myself with WoW, short of the entire thing being down. My thoughts go out to my 67 warlock on Chamber of Aspects, my nublet hordes on Argent Dawn and the SAN guild, my 30 gnome lock on… somewhere, my multitudes of Death knights I’ve taken just out of the starting zone for very little reason. I’m at the character cap again, which is a pain. I just like the starting zone experiences really! The realm is back up this morning, so let’s cross our fingers for more stability this evening!

And who knows, maybe we’ll return to those DKs someday, and have 80s called Icedmilk, Promiscous and Azuremoon. /shrug


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