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Antics from a Crashed Realm II

March 26, 2010

Joy of joys, Terenas went down again last night. Again, thankfully not on a raiding night, although I had planned to raid old contents with my friends. However, my old Arena mates were on, so we went back to mucking around with those characters! They insisted on wearing no clothes through the starting zone. They were a Blood elf Girl and a Troll girl, so I didn’t take too much issue with this, despite their measly 100 dps! My raid leading muscles had to be disabled for the evening. We actually managed to bomb our way out of the starting zone across the evening. We each picked a different spec, myself going with Dual Wield Frost, with a tanking variation on it.

Iced jumping

Dual glowies!

Although I wont be tanking instances if they keep ninja’ing my mobs with Death Grip, grumble mumble. I must say, the Death Knight starting zone hasn’t got much more tolerable, even with 3 people. Anyway, after the pointless battering we gave Light’s Hope, we headed to Orgrimmar, had fruits thrown at us, generally got abused by level 20 Rope vendors or other such rubbish. My favourite part of it was passing a really massive tough looking Orc NPC holding a doubleheaded battleaxe and hearing the girly scream sound file. Much lols were had. We’ve actually tried to set up a guild, called Voodoo Temptations: If you feel like dropping us a signature, move an alt to Orgrimmar on Deathwing EU and leave me a comment. It’s just a bit of fun really. I purchased two large 1 handed weapons and rune-forged them with Razorice for the glow. I’m lost in the glow… so pretty… so big…

Anyway. We’ll only be returning to these if the Cyclone battlegroup plunks out again. Think of them as… big time wasting Death Knights with glowy weapons. Hurrah! First Durotar, tommorow the Outlands!


PS: Feel free to smack Elsen. She came to sign our Guild charter with a level 1 called ‘Zalsucks.’

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  1. March 26, 2010 8:13 am

    No Elsen slapping.
    Seriously, what did you expect? That I’d be sensible?
    How ridiculous!

    • March 26, 2010 11:38 pm

      Zal does suck, can’t knock a girl for being honest!

      Ya know Deathwing’s on the same battlegroup as Argent Dawn? 😀 Speaking of.. *waves finger*


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