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Goodness me

April 5, 2010

With Noblegarden hitting our computers yesterday, I realised I’m coming up to the one year milestone of being a Paladin. A class I’d never really touched, occasionally resented for their Bubble+Lay on hands combo (long gone), and barely had any contact with. I’d linked my account with a friend through the ‘Refer a friend’ system for speedy leveling purposes, and Zalduun and his character were the last to be levelled using this. The fact that he was a Paladin came from my Naxxramas raids as Katastrophe, my Death Knight. We had a Holy Paladin that came along to every run, was geared in Best in slot items at the time, and generally made the class look incredibly fun and interesting. Other influencing factors included my other healers: dormant 70 priest and 50 druid (at the time) and the fact that I’d just leveled a Shaman to 60. I wanted a healer. Paladins were left. Paladins were cool. This was before cross faction heirlooms too, so when I leveled, I leveled slowly! Or properly, depending on how you like it. I’ve spoken before on why I chose what I did and the fun I had leveling.

But it’s now nearly a year. Zal has more /played time than the character I’d still consider my main, Ort, the hunter that battled his way through late Vanilla and all of TBC, and indeed a fair bit of Wrath. I find that scary. Without ever meaning to, I took a whim of a character I might like to play, and made him the strongest option in my arsenal. My Ret DPS offspec is now hitting harder than both my Hunter and my Deathknight can. My healing is more streamlined than my Priest could ever manage. I’ve accrued achievements, reputation, interesting items, old gearsets, and most important of all, epix- I mean, memories. A lot of time on the Horde, I casually wanted to try the other side out, kept making Alliance alts on different servers, etcetera. But I feel the Alliance is solidly my home now. The only Horde alts I’ve made since have been victims of circumstance!

I’ve spoken at length with Elsen about healing changes in Cataclysm. The new model of high mana costing, intelligent use of spells. I’m not sure I’m fond of the concept. I’m proud of Zal, and what he’s achieved in the space of a year. An evil glint in the eye of my Death knight to a fully fledged endgame dual spec raider. But now the wind is changing once more. What is solid now may not be tomorrow. What might a fresh character achieve in a year of Cataclysm…

Food for thought.


PS. I’m visiting family over this Eastery time, so don’t expect any posts from now till Friday. See you guys later!

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