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Cataclysm, and how I’m scarily prepared

April 13, 2010

Credit to MMO champion.

In a very real sense, I am prepared. Too prepared. My little Banker has a Guild vault with enough rep items to get a fresh 68 from neutral to exalted with the Scryers, for example. This is because I know I will be leveling a Worgen up, and I want that awesome tabard on him. There’s not that much left that I want to do on Zal. He could happily retire at the end of Wrath, achievements stacked, mounts gathered, full of raiding memories. Expansions are always a new step. However, the thing with a new character that you can’t create yet, is that you can’t start working on it beforehand. You can’t just reach into the future, grab your character and grind a bit of rep when you’re bored right now. I’ve filled these times with making sure my character steps out of the starting zone with as much awesome stuff as I can provide. Amazing tabards aside, the major thing for a leveling character is Heirlooms.

Now, an heirloom set is fairly simple to gather, especially if you don’t need to spend your Triumphs on gear. You can obtain a PvE chest, PvE/PvP shoulders, PvE/PvP weapons (never offhands though, so a 2 hander is generally better) and Heirloom trinkets (the PvP ones are your get out of jail free card, and PvE are regening health or mana on kills and boosting spellpower or haste.) There is an heirloom ring, but it’s a reward from a highly competitive fishing tournament, and I don’t recommend it. You can also enchant these with no level required enchants, the best of which can be found on the appropriate WoWhead page.

The trouble is, at least with me, is I have no clue what I want to be playing in the expansion. In terms of leveling a new character, we can strike out Paladin, Death Knight and Hunter. If any of those becomes that which I wish to level, I have characters that already suit the bill. If it turns out to be Shadowpriest (which, as of this post, is my current favourite, but check back the next day and I’m sure it’ll be different) I do have an 80 shadowpriest already, but that character has bizarre proffesions, a weird history, and a name that gets me confused with Paladins a lot. (It’s Aura, and there’s nothing more confusing once you’re used to that name than hearing: ‘Turn on Fire resistance Aura!’ and me shouting back in confusion ‘Priests don’t do Fire resist!’ Good old TBC.) I’d be starting a-fresh. I’d be starting from scratch if it was any other of the classes Worgen were capable of. I want to see their starting zone, and level in the new-old-world. Even if I take one of my 80’s forward, a Worgen will still rear its head because I want to experience the content.

Considering this tendency to change my mind on class selection based on the facts revealed by Blizzard so far, recommendations from friends and raiders, and what I ate for lunch that day, it makes it very tough to pick the correct heirlooms. I’ve narrowed it down to this:

  • Casters – fairly likely. The same set of heirlooms will do all specs of Mage, Warlock, Priest, Resto and Boomkin Druids. This is cloth PvE Robe and Shoulders, along with the Staff and spellpower trinkets. All enchanted and gathered so far.
  • Plate DPS – a possibility. Works for the Warrior only, but I do like Warriors. I have a PvE plate Chestplate, Shoulders, two handed axe.
  • Leather DPS/Tank – Highly unlikely. I don’t like energy systems, I’m not a massive fan of being in the melee unless I’m an absolute wrecking ball (see Zal’s ret spec). I have Leather heirlooms set, along with health regen trinkets and two daggers, but it’s all on Argent dawn because I transferred it there.

My shammy Calcifer also has full mail heirlooms. There’s nothing like being prepared. In terms of wasted Triumph badges that I could have spent on Gems and cut, I’m probably about 4k gold out for being this prepared. But by god, it’s nice to have a safety net.

I guess I wont know, at least for a few days, how much I’ll want to play my Paladin in the future. I’ll never delete the guy, but I can think of a few ways Blizzard could warp the way they heal to make it not my playstyle any more. In which case, I want a Worgen main, and it needs to be a goodun. If I knew what I would settle on, I’d gather profession leveling materials as well as all this. So this is me, to the extent that I can be, being prepared. Rawr.


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  1. Riccah permalink
    April 13, 2010 1:02 pm

    Hey Zal !

    I’ll be starting (yet another!) char in cataclysm as well, and naturally it will be the awesome Worgen. Like you, I haven’t chosen which class yet.
    At first i thought i would be making a Worgen Druid, but after some thought i think the personality issues and schizofrenia which will come would drive me mad. Can you imagine, a human, werewolf, cat, bear, chicken, tree, seal, bird ? And if I would make a druid i would want it to be a feral tank, so i would be staring at a furry butt anyways and not get to enjoy the awesomeness of the Worgen at all. So now, my choices will be either: Worgen Priest, Worgen Hunter or Worgen Mage. None of these classes i have ever managed to get passed level 10. The priest has always seemed interesting to me with its 2 different healing specs and the cool dark shadowy dps spec. A mage has interested me on and off, because the boyfriend plays one, and the portals definately have their perks. And the hunter, ahhh, the speed of leveling, the pets, i like that play style. And with the new announced changes for cataclysm it seems even more interesting (pet at lvl 1? Focus instead of mana? Pets based on buffs/debuffs and not on most dps done? Gimme!)

    Am i prepared for Cataclysm and starting a new alt? Not at all yet. First of all, i will not be using heirlooms. I have decided that to fully enjoy the new starting zones, and the old world revamp i want to be leveling slow, and not outlevel the zones before i finish the quests due to the +20% xp bonus. Also, one of the things i enjoy the most while leveling is getting pretty new shinies, errr, gear. And with getting an heirloom chest, shoulders and weapon, i would be staring at the same items in those slots for 85 levels, missing out on potential shiny upgrades. Now, the ONLY exception i *might* make is getting the heirloom trinket early one.

    With Cataclysm also comes the following important question: what to do first? Is getting the current raiding main to level 85 first priority? Is all the guild supposed to get to 85 as fast as we can, so that we can start the new raids and get into the raiding cycle? Or will we simply have a 1-month “raiding break” to do as we please. Level our main and/or current 80’s, start many Worgen puppies/alts, etc. I know it will be a tough decision to make for me, will i level Riccah first, since that is to be considered my “main” in the guild? Or should i follow the old customs and level Caelis first, the brave rogue who has always been the front-elf to explore the dangerous exciting new frontiers? Or should I level Mandorellan first since prot warriors are simply so awesome? And by that time Recursive the little lock will be 80 as well, so what will her task be?

    Come Cataclysm, many tough decision and choices will need to be made, by all of us.

    • Zal permalink*
      April 13, 2010 1:08 pm

      Indeed. I don’t think we’ll be pressured to level, but I think the people that do make it first will be the raiding team that explores the content first, as long as it makes a decent group. Feel free to level what you like as well, it’s your account. We love your shaman healings, but if you wanna raid with your rogue or level him (or any of your other) up first for kicks or for serious raiding that’s fine. Just have to fit in with the rules Nyo lays down about raiding rotation and fairness 🙂 I can respect your leveling without heirlooms, but it’s not for me! I will be reading the quests and enjoying the places but I wanna get to 85 before the guild starts raiding proper again. If the Pally changes aren’t too bad I’ll probably be sticking to zal, as I said, but if not I’ll have to settle on a worgen main. As you say, tough choices!

  2. April 13, 2010 1:14 pm

    You are far more prepared than I – and I already know what I am going to roll, if not what I am going to name it. I am planning on a Worgen Rogue, simply because I haven’t got any rogues but I do have one of everything else on my home server. Knowing this, I have yet to make any efforts to get heirloom gear, let alone prep any rep items, crafting items or what have you.

    I am glad that I haven’t done a rogue up until this point. Having a bit of a self-cast HoT will be, well, hot. Of course, even once the xpac comes out, rolling an alt will be one the lowest items on my to-do list. Gotta get the main to 85!

    • Zal permalink*
      April 13, 2010 1:19 pm

      Well Rep items is just because I liked the look of the tabard, I don’t think it’s gonna help him levelling much, other than walking out in style!
      Heirlooms is up to speed really, if your priority is getting him to endgame go for it, if it’s to see the content, you’d probably be better off not using them.
      Being able to explore a class for the first time in the expansion is awesome, kinda wish I hadn’t tried everything so I’d have something left now! 🙂
      Good luck with the levelling of the main too!

  3. April 13, 2010 2:31 pm

    I’m enjoying my Rogue.. the energy system is growing on me though I’m still pretty weird about focus. What are your thoughts on the Hunter changes? If I don’t like my Hunter, I’ll probably be a Shadow Priest or a Warlock. /shrug.

    • Zal permalink*
      April 13, 2010 3:07 pm

      The reports from the people that have tried it (I can’t remember where this was from, but it was definitely a blues post) said that they could still get out their decent hunter rotation, no matter what spec they were in, and just didn’t have to stop. That sounds good to me, but I’m a little sceptical. There must be a few hidden regen mechanics that I’m not aware of. I like the pets and ammo changes though. I hope it’ll be all debuff and buff abilities, and nothing too tied to the hunter like the AP buff from the wolf, because otherwise no matter what they do one pet will still be out in front..

      • April 13, 2010 3:41 pm

        Definitely, I desperately want some variation. Basically, focus means that Hunters will now be stacking haste a lot more. I’m dubious but can’t know until I try it.. the rest though \o/


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