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Celestial steed of Shinyness

April 17, 2010

Shiny! Stars!

This is a worthwhile mount to get. I’m not saying it’s definitely worth the money, that’s up to you. But the way it’s implemented is so nice! Lets look at the mount itself:

  • Works as a ground mount and a flying mount.
  • Adapts to your trained speed or highest learned mount speed (meaning any character from level 20 up to an 80 with a 310% mount will have it work appropriately)
  • Looks damn awesome

And if you buy one, it gets mailed to all your current and future characters! I call that a bargain.

And if you get a birthday around the time this comes out, the most awesome tree in the world (go read her posts, comment on them, make her happy, she’s full of win, and she keeps a really organised Guild bank) gives you one as a present! I award her [Epic Hugs].

/shortpost ends here


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