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Faster than a speeding bullet: Mount changes in Cataclysm

April 18, 2010

There was a completely new ballgame proposed in Friday 16th’s Twitter Development chat:

Q: Do you intend to have all 280% flying mounts scale to 310% when a 310% mount is earned, or will only purchased mounts do so?
A: Our current plan, is that in Cataclysm, you can learn a new rank of flying that lets all flying mounts move at 310% (even current 280% mounts). That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get. We don’t like it that when you get a 310% mount that you stop using your old ones.

This blows my previous ideas out of the water. I did a post a while back on Mount speeds and reward systems, something that I had a strong opinion on. By making it a baseline trainable, (which ironically was something I never considered) they’ve solved a lot of the ‘elite achievement mounts compared to the hard earned but still 280% mounts’ problems. Being a trainable thing, it sounds like the sort of thing that nearly everyone will have on their main eventually, rather like epic flying was in TBC and indeed Wrath, with Wrath’s added cost of ‘Cold Weather flying.’ Looking back on the money wasted on giving Cold weather flying to my four 80s and then barely needing to use them, there better be some kind of speed bonus when I’m flying over Winterspring and Dun Morogh in Azeroth. *shakes walking stick* The cost? I reckon somewhere between 5k Gold and 10k Gold. When the information on it comes out, I will look back at this post and either laugh and claim I was joking, or relentlessly quote my unfailing accuracy.

The other interesting question was this:

Q: If 310% speed is becoming trainable, does that mean we’ll be able to fly in Azeroth from the get-go?
A: We have considered the concept of “Old Weather Flying.” Just kidding. More than likely, you’ll just be able to fly from the beginning.

Old Weather Flying, putting a name to something most people expected to see and be charged for. I more likely expected some kind of air Tax from Garrosh  and Wrynn for the Horde and Alliance. But it’s good news that we’re not going to be charged extra for something we should technically have been able to do all along (Taxis have been around for a looooong time.)

All in all, this is a welcome change. I’ll be interested to see if the Cataclysm Hardmodes Meta still reward mounts. For me, the attraction of getting a Hardmodes Drake is both the greater speed and the rare model (at least with the ICC ones.) Roll on more information!

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  1. April 18, 2010 10:16 am

    If they do keep giving away drakes for hardmodes, I wonder if we can expect to see 320 percent or higher mounts. Will Blizzard keep moving the goal posts?

    • Zal permalink*
      April 18, 2010 10:20 am

      Hm. Their most recent stand on it was in the quote ‘That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get.’ But that’s a probably, and stuff they’ve said before they’d never do (Like faction transfer) they’ve gone ahead and done anyway. So maybe if they’re stuck for rewards one day we’ll see a super 500% flyer!

  2. April 20, 2010 4:11 pm

    And I recall when once upon a time getting to the top of the Stormwind Cathedral was a tricky little secret. Now EVERYONE will be up there…

    Seriously though, I’m thrilled to hear about the changes to speed and the ‘old world flying’ license stance. I’d hate to pay again, and I’d love to have all my epic fliers go 310%. Right now I have a protodrake and a pony and that’s it.

    • Zal permalink*
      April 20, 2010 5:59 pm

      Didn’t know you could get on top of Stormwind Cathedral 😛 I guess the new vogue will be getting Under the world!


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