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Looking to the Future: Uldum

April 19, 2010

I thought it would be an interesting experiment, assuming I’m still blogging in Cataclysm, to do a series of posts gathering what information I have about a particularly interesting Zone or Dungeon now – and then when its released and my crew of characters are wiping on the first boss, to provide a look back on how it’s changed. I thought I’d look at Uldum, seeing as it held some fascination for me when I was levelling the first time.

The lore of Uldum:

Uldum is a desert zone in the south of Kalimdor, as yet unavailable to players. You can view its massive gates in the east of Tanaris. The zone is said to be the homeland of the the stone-cat beings known as the Tol’vir, previously seen in Ahn Qiraj. There is much Titan lore to be found there, as there is with Ulduar and Uldaman. Somewhere inside the region is some kind of superpowered weapon. This will be a zone to quest in, although the leveling band for Uldum is as yet to be announced. You can view a preview map of the zone here, as mocked up for Blizzcon.

Fragments of notes unearthed from Bael Modan suggest that a great titan city lies deep within the rocky expanse of the southern desert. So far, dwarven expeditions have yet to track down the location of Uldum, but they are confident that it’s only a matter of time. Uldum is a research facility for the titans in their continuing efforts to enhance the biosphere of Azeroth. Specific information regarding their work as it relates to Uldum is unknown and can only be accessed with the Plates of Uldum. Uldum was mentioned in the legends of Azeroth, but its location long remained a mystery. Brann Bronzebeard mentioned in his travelogue, Lands of Mystery, that he searched for it all over Tanaris, but could never find it. He wondered if it could just be another name for the Caverns of Time, but he didn’t know for sure. However, his assumption proved to be false, as Uldum is actually located on the southern edge of the continent, and it was hidden by some sort of Titan cloaking device. The Cataclysm damaged the device, and unveiled the long forgotten, mysterious land. It is notable however that the dungeon release order in World of Warcraft somehow mirrors Brann’s journey to some degree, in that Brann has visited Ulduar after Uldaman, but has not yet reached Uldum. Prospector Gunstan maintains a lonely vigil nearby on behalf of the Explorers’ League.

Thank you Wowiki. Whilst doing the quest from Uldaman ‘The Stone Watcher’ one of the dialogue responses to ‘So, what’s inside Uldum?’ is the following:

Uldum is a research facility for the Creators in their continuing efforts to enhance the biosphere of Azeroth. Specific information regarding their work as it relates to Uldum is restricted to those individuals who possess the Plates of Uldum in their disc sets. Data repositories inside the Uldum complex have been programmed to address specific experiments and data compliations: please refer to them for detailed information.

What we know about it as part of Cataclysm:

The third expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will add Uldum as a new vast zone south of Un’goro Crater. It will take up the southern coast of Kalimdor which is currently unused space, and a part of the unused Ahn’Qiraj zone. The zone will contain two new dungeons inspired by ancient Egypt. Brann Bronzebeard will also make a reappearance in this zone as he searches for more answers regarding the Titans history.

Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size
Halls of Origination 83 5
Lost City of Tol’vir 84-85 5

More recently the blues have mentioned: ‘There’s a level 85 five-player dungeon you might just learn about soon which holds seven bosses in a single instance. It’s in a place you may have heard of before… Uldum.’ Assuming our facts about Halls of Origination (HoO, lol) are correct, that must be the Lost City of Tol’vir. Interesting. Seven bosses? I’m feeling excited yet nervous. The longer instances tend to generate either an epic feeling or a really boring feeling, probably down to the number of times you run it multiplied by the amount of arses in your PuG. But still, looks to be good anyway. It suggests a long duration. We have no information on loot or mechanics at all yet, for either instance.

A further note: There is a giant hole in Uldum’s door, presumably something really big escaped from Uldum (due to the way it is broken). The carvings on the pillars around Uldum hint at some sort of serpent. With the announcement that Uldum will be a zone between Un’goro Crater and Ahn’Qiraj, it is currently unknown what will happen to Uldum’s door.

Watch this space for the twin ‘Looking back to the Past: Uldum’ post.


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