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Profession Benefits (Part 1)

April 20, 2010

The new engineering mount in Cata

Professions in Warcraft seem to serve a dual purpose. To cost you more materials than could reasonably be ground whilst levelling, and then to provide you with hard to make gear/ raiding benefits at 80. I’m under-selling them, I know. A lot of professions give a lot of aid whilst you charge through the content, from new gear to helpful items to the right buff at the right time. But for the most part, to level even vaguely cheaply, you craft a tonne of things you don’t need. Apparently in Cataclysm, as they work to get rid of weirdly statted items and over/under budget gears, they will be smoothing the levelling of professions right along too.

They’re changing the way that we earn professions skills. Making five green-quality boots might net you one skill point, while making one blue-quality boot might net you five skill points. This should be quite a welcome change. It may not, in the end, help us skill up faster, but what it certainly will do is shuffle a lot of our crafting to inexpensive gear. In other words, we will no longer be making blues or even epics over and over trying to get skill points and failing because they are green level.

Hurrah! But this is a mildly interesting tangent. My main point is Professions at endgame Wrath, and what benefits you might not know about. In no particular order:


  • Bags (Up to a blue 22 slot).
  • ilvl 200 Cloth Frost Resist Gear.
  • At 420, tailors are able to craft embroidery threads that are BoP and can be applied only to the tailor’s cloak. The three thread types are Swordguard, Lightweave, and Darkglow Embroidery. These add melee, spell damage, or mana over time effects respectively and require a single piece of [Spellweave], [Moonshroud], or [Ebonweave] to craft. The tooltip for the embroidery states that these threads can be used only by tailors of at least 400 skill, but as of patch 3.0.3 the recipe cannot be learned until level 420.
  • Upon reaching 420, tailors unlock two cloak recipes that can be learned from the Dalaran trainer once the proper achievements have been completed. (Note that this information appears in the trainer’s gossip text window, rather than the normal training screen.) To learn the [Deathchill Cloak], players must complete the Loremaster of Northrend achievement, which requires you to complete the majority of quests in every Northrend zone. The [Wispcloak] requires the achievement Northrend Dungeonmaster, which requires you to complete every 5-man dungeon in Northrend. Both cloaks are Bind on Equip and can be sold.
  • Flying mounts – Carpets that travel at 150%/280% speed. There is also a unique skin for the 280% available from Frozo the Renowned.
  • Patterns that either drop or can be obtained from Ulduar through to ICC, crafting 25 man equivalent gear at a high material cost.
Thread Stats Level Use
[Azure Spellthread] +35 Spell power +20 Stamina Tailoring 400 BoE
[Shining Spellthread] +35 Spell power +12 Spirit Tailoring 400 BoE
[Master’s Spellthread] +50 Spell power +30 Stamina Tailoring 405 BoP (tailor-only)
[Sanctified Spellthread] +50 Spell power +20 Spirit Tailoring 405 BoP (tailor-only)
[Sapphire Spellthread] +50 Spell power +30 Stamina Tailoring 430 BoE
[Brilliant Spellthread] +50 Spell power +20 Spirit Tailoring 430 BoE


  • Blacksmiths can now add sockets to their own bracers and gloves, available at 400 Blacksmithing.
  • They can craft skeleton keys to crack any lock.
  • At level 420, blacksmiths can also create Eternal Belt Buckle, which can be traded to non-blacksmiths and used to create a socket in level 60 or higher belts.
  • Patterns that either drop or can be obtained from Ulduar through to ICC, crafting 25 man equivalent gear at a high material cost.


  • Helicopter (150/280% Flyers) and Motorbike (100% Ground with passenger slot) mounts.

Enchants to different pieces of gear to provide interesting bonuses:

With the expansion there is a new set of engineering helmets. These helmets are item level 200, equivalent to gear dropped in the 10-man raids available with this expansion’s release. Some items with higher ratings were available from 25-man raids, and later content (Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and Icecrown Citadel) and items purchased with emblems provides gear that is greatly superior.

  1. [Armored Titanium Goggles]
  2. [Charged Titanium Specs]
  3. [Unbreakable Healing Amplifiers]
  4. [Electroflux Sight Enhancers]
  5. [Truesight Ice Blinders]
  6. [Weakness Spectralizers]
  7. [Greensight Gogs]
  8. [Visage Liquification Goggles]

Two engineer-crafted small pets, Lil’ Smoky and Pet Bombling, were bind on pickup and therefore exclusively learned by engineers. However the spells that they teach did not require engineering, so it is possible to retain use of the pets after dropping the profession. As of patch 3.3.3 they are no longer bind on pick up and can be traded like any pet. Engineering also provides an impossibly large list of gadgets with various functionalities. If anyone can point me to one to reference, it would be appreciated!

So this post doesn’t become crazily long, I will split it into several parts. Thanks for reading, and credit to WoWiki for the useful lists.


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