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Profession Benefits (Part 2)

April 21, 2010

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This post picks up where the last left off. Let’s have a look at the gathering professions!



  • Lifeblood is a healing spell that scales with herbalism skill level.
  • Herbalism allows you to find and harvest herbs from particular resource nodes scattered around the world. It is a primary profession. While a very small number of herbs are sometimes used for other trade skills, the vast majority are used for Alchemy and Inscription.


  • Skinning allows players to gather leather, Hides and scales by skinning certain mobs (beasts, dragonkin, Silithid, some Nerubians and, very rarely, humanoids). Not all mobs of each type can be skinned, e.g. birds cannot be skinned despite being beasts. Leather, hides and scales are used for leatherworking. Leather is also used for some blacksmithing, engineering, and tailoring recipes.
  • You need to purchase a skinning knife. You can find skinning knives at Profession-related item merchants (or simply at the General trader). Remember to keep the skinning knife in your bag at all times (if you want to gain leather/hides/scales from the beasts you kill).
  • Keep in mind that skinning most beasts will result in you getting leather or hide of some kind. Tailoring and Leatherworking), frenzy and other fish give you shiny fish scales, Dragonkin of various types (such as Black Whelps) which give you scales or special skins not found among other monsters or beasts, etc.
  • Sufficiently skilled skinners gain the Master of Anatomy buff.


  • The leatherworking profession allows players to utilize the leather gathered through the skinning profession to create a variety of items, including cloaks, leather and mail armors, armor kits, quivers, and ammo pouches. The armor produced by leatherworking is chiefly of use to the leather and mail wearing classes: the druid, hunter, shaman, and rogue.
  • Trainers only have a limited selection of patterns for the highest levels. The best are available from Braeg Stoutbeard who stands outside the Legendary Leathers shop in the Magus Commerce Exchange area in Dalaran. For a few Heavy Borean Leathers or Arctic Furs he will give you a pattern for a rare or epic item of leather or mail.

In Wrath of the Lich King, leatherworkers can apply Fur Lining to their own bracers and Leg Reinforcements to their own leg armor. Since these augments are meant for the leatherworker’s personal use only, applying them causes the equipment to become soulbound. Each type of Fur Lining requires 400 leatherworking and requires 1 [Arctic Fur]. The resulting bracer enchant is equivalent to the best “self-only” enchants provided by other tradeskills and better than any enchant you can buy or otherwise acquire. Both types of Leg Reinforcements require 405 leatherworking. They provide exactly the same enchant as the [Icescale Leg Armor] and [Frosthide Leg Armor], but at a vastly reduced cost, and available at level 70 (as opposed to 80 for the epic leg armors).

Name Stats Recipe source
Fur Lining – Arcane Resist 70 Arcane resistance BoP drop (IcecrownCult Researcher, Frostbrood Spawn)
Fur Lining – Fire Resist 70 Fire resistance BoP drop (Icecrown – Skeletal Runesmith)
Fur Lining – Frost Resist 70 Frost resistance BoP drop (Icecrown – Damned Apothecary)
Fur Lining – Nature Resist 70 Nature resistance BoP drop (Icecrown – Cult Alchemist)
Fur Lining – Shadow Resist 70 Shadow resistance BoP drop (Icecrown – Cultist Shard Watcher)
Fur Lining – Attack Power 130 attack power Trainer
Fur Lining – Spell Power 76 spell power Trainer
Fur Lining – Stamina 102 Stamina Trainer
Name Stats Materials Recipe source
Jormungar Leg Reinforcements 55 Stamina, 22 Agility 2 Jormungar Scales Trainer
Nerubian Leg Reinforcements 75 attack power, 22 critical strike rating 2 Nerubian Chitin Trainer

Check back tomorrow for the last of the crafting proffesions! Thanks again to WoWiki for the information.

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