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Class Loyalty Cards!

April 25, 2010

Before you start to read, please bare in mind I’m not 100% serious with this. It was an idea that occurred to me in the shower the other day and it made me chuckle, so I thought I’d blog about it. That being said, read on.

Zal’s proposed plan to solve the problem with people making too many alts and not sticking and raiding with their mains anymore, the fools.

Or to give it its easy to remember acronym: ZPPtStPwPMtomAanSaRwtMA,tF. What an awesome bumper sticker that would be. Anyway, there is a clear issue with people getting disinterested in their mains. I know very few people who have stuck with one single main character since vanilla, or stuck with one solidly starting later than that. I myself have gone through four different characters I would have considered my mains at the time. Now, it’s not bad to get a little variety in your WoW life. One class might not offer everything you want, or after a long expansion you might be ready for some new spice.

So, without rolling a new character, here’s my suggestion for getting people to stick to their main and offer new and exciting things to them. A class loyalty card (Pictured top left*). And here’s how it would work:

Every character gets one at level 1. It contains all the functions of /played, and has its own place on your UI. You can call up the window at any time to see what your /played time is, how many points you have, and so on. Points can be gathered by doing Class related things. I will give Paladin examples here, as they are the best class (joke kk). You can do all of the class quests (many more of which would be introduced with some long epic chains), lots of varied class daily quests and weekly quests. They would reward you with 5 Loyalty points per hand in. You also get 1 loyalty point with every 10 achievement points earned (most achievements give 10 points, some metas give 50 etc) Your loyalty points will be spendable on the flipside of your card, which would allow you access to greater rewards as you spend more time on the character. They would not be massively game affecting, in terms of giving you advantages. But for say, 100 points and 5 hours of /played, the ability to buy a tabard with your class logo on it. For 500 points and after 5 days of played, a tabard upgrade that comes with some kind of minipet summon ability. For 200 points and 4 days /played, a class roleplay item, such as a libram to be taken out and browsed by your character, with interesting special effects. For something like 6 days /played and 1k Loyalty points, a class relevant title. (Vindicator, Anchorite, Archmage, Master Assasin, Juggernaut, etc, possibly a range of different ones for each class depending on what you wanted.)

Blizzard already reward excessive devotion of time through achievement rewards, Meta objectives, long quest chains, and more. I don’t think a system like this would be too much of a stretch. What they introduced in Wrath is Heirlooms – incentive to level new characters, through experience bonuses, unbreakable items that are as powerful as blues of the same level, and the ability to zoom any class you want to 80 fairly sharpish. What I’d love to see in Cata is some kind of system that rewards players for sticking long term to their character. I’ve gone down the class reward line, as I’d love to walk round with an awesome gold paladin tabard and the title ‘Anchorite Zalduun’ and whatnot, but I’m sure there’s potential in rewarding long term species loyalty. (Edit: to be honest, anything you want for your species needs in terms of tabards, banners, pets, mounts, titles etc it’s all pretty much covered by the Argent Tournament.)

Give me your thoughts on this! I’d be interested to see if people think sticking to a main character should be such a rewardable and noticable accomplishment, or if it’d just be another ‘I’m more impressive than you’ thing to flash at people when the game is already full of things like that.


*This picture is a friendly mockery of Sainsburys’ Nectar card, a British food chain. Not sure if that’s spread to the US, and I’m aware I have a few readers there! They basically run a shopping equivalent of the theory I describe here. Minus achievement points. No-one will be impressed if you go to a supermarket and get [Going down] by dive-bombing off the top of the Freezers.

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  1. April 25, 2010 3:04 pm

    “No-one will be impressed if you go to a supermarket and get [Going down] by dive-bombing off the top of the Freezers.” I would!

    And I’m not sure, it’s been almost a year since I made and levelled Jae, meaning that I’ve stuck to Hunter for close to a year, meaning that surely it’s time for a reroll? 😉

    • Zal permalink*
      April 25, 2010 3:06 pm

      😛 But what if you could be Fae the Stalker (WotLK beta reference ftw)

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