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An evening of Awesome

May 2, 2010

Party atop a shroom

I’d like to dedicate this post to Elsen, to Flames of the Phoenix, and my wonderful family. In all seriousness, Els set me up a wonderful little event (that she still can’t believe I didn’t realise she was doing, I think most people don’t spot my head in the clouds most of the time!) A load of guildies turned up to throw a little party at the top of a Zangarmarsh Mushroom (one of my favourite zones) and they all came in awesome RP stuff. We even had some folks from Caledonia show up, which I appreciated. I got some great presents, including lots of minipets, a nice amount of gold and some gems. Oh yes, and a Pirate hat, lumberjack shirt and a gorgeous dress to wear! Everyone was duelling, joking, throwing fireworks and crazy items everywhere! Good times. If you were there, I thank you deeply. It meant a lot to me.

Mushyness aside, we then went on to raid ICC, carrying on with our 10/12 save. Sindragosa has been something of a block (an ice block, even, hurf hurf) and repeatedly slogging through the first two phases just to have a spike of bad luck on the third is pretty nasty. However… tonight, we managed to wrangle our way through that last phase and kill the spiny undead pest. Riccah also got the beautiful shield, which was a much needed upgrade. Our healing team is going to be pretty tough soon. Which is good, because as we found out, Lich King is a very tricky fight. I predict much face-desking frustration in fighting him. But it’s a challenge worth doing. I wouldn’t want the most deadly menace I’ve ever faced to go down first try. It’s nice to be able to say we’re progression fighting the Lich King, rather than his pet frost-wyrm! (He got a better collectors edition, by the look of things.) For those who don’t know the Lich King fight, it’s triggered by talking to Tirion, and you can climb all over his reclining form. Hence this picture:

Anyway. Thanks again for those who were there, for making my evening awesome. For those who weren’t, you’re also cool.

-Zal, one happy Paladin

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