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How I make my UIs, round 2

May 3, 2010

I wrote before on how I make my UIs. It’s a lot of stealing/inspiration, and juggling of addons. Before, I did a ranged UI from scratch, and showed you the frankensteinian results. This time, I’ve set myself a more modest goal – one that will bear fruit before Cataclysm. I want to streamline my healer UI. Working off snips and snaps of my current UI, I’ve remodelled it so that I have Grid for healing more directly in the middle, with easy access to my personal frame, my target, my focus and target target. Everything else is spread out from that. I do wish WIM wasn’t so chunky and yet so useful. Sigh. So here’s draft number one of the redone healery UI!

Now comes the pain… various shots of in progress construction which took about 3 hours total:

Now for the finishing touches, a play around with KGpanels and everything else, get a good theme going. Now we have this being tested in a heroic!

And now here we have it in a 10 man raid, fighting against Sindragosa in ICC 10. I’d like to think it played a part in the fact that we downed her on that evening! I might tweak it some more so there are no gaps between the panels, haven’t decided if I like the slivers of background yet.

So there you have it. From a monstrous cobbling together to a fully functioning raid interface. Customizing a UI can make a lot of difference, because you put things where it’s most convenient for you, thusly performance and happiness (hopefully) will skyrocket!


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