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Bizarre arena combinations

May 4, 2010
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I play 5v5 arena most weeks. It’s not a team that aims to get a cracking rating, but a team that’s designed to net the minimum amount of points. (Below something like 1500 rating, you’ll get the same points every week regardless of how crap you are.) Never the less, we’re improving, and have managed to get some groups down. We have access to Heroism, overpowered Resto Druids, slows, stuns, and my own personal set of Bubbles. Against most teams, our leader will bark out commands and we’ll head in there like troops into battle. Imagine our surprise when up from the Orgrimmar Arena lift comes a 1 shaman/4 Boomkin Team. There was just a lot of WTF going on in vent, and we all ran round in circles as all the moonkins (4 of them) popped their Treants (3 each) which seeing as I keep Righteous fury on (90% extra threat for 10% less damage taken) went straight for me. Then they popped heroism. Then Starfall. Then they started attacking properly. The initial damage carved through our Shaman and our Mage like they were butter. I succumbed to the small forest of Treants in the space of about 5 seconds. Our Druid and Rogue went down to direct attacks shortly afterwards. It was an insane combination on their part, but actually rather well thought out, and damn near impossible to counter. (Druids do Nature and Arcane damage, only the former of which can be resisted in any way.)

Another interesting team we met in 2v2 was double PvE geared Prot Paladins. The damage powerhouse there was unbelievable, once they both started hammering away on me with their 5 stacks of Seal of Vengeance ticking and probably their t10 10% damage increase. If there was a weakness to be exploited there, I didn’t find it. For those of you who don’t play arena, or even PvP, you may say: ‘But Mr Zal, you have a bubble, 101 annoying mitigation techniques, and enough healing power to stop the SUN FROM DYING. Surely you can keep yourself and one measly DPS up!’ To that, I would respond: ‘No.’ And then look rather irritated. For Arena happens so damn quickly, and has so many tricky little rules to it, that I find myself in deep poop rather fast. I need to heal a target that’s bolting around the stage (often unintentionally out of my Line of Sight or Range, meaning I have to try and heal on the move… as a Paladin!) and often the main focus of an assault from two well geared players, whilst dealing with the fact there’s usually someone spamming Crowd Control moves on me, or interrupting me, silencing me, knocking me back, pulling me in, charging me, slapping me, mooning me, and all sorts of horribleness. After that, factor in that my favourite mitigation and save the day move, Lay on Hands, isn’t allowed in Arena, then you have one rather vunerable Paladin.

Yes, I probably am doing something wrong. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

Anyway, my main point was – Bizarre combos can sometimes be the best. I have compiled a little list of annoying combinations I can think of, that I haven’t seen before.

  • Full team of Elemental Shaman (I don’t wish to give them ideas, but their nukage is insane!)
  • Full team of Disc Priests (or the ‘make opponent bored enough to ragequit’ tactic)
  • Full team of Blood Elf Warlocks and Succubus minions (Despite the control and damage, the fear, seduce and racial silences, that’s getting a little too kinky)
  • Multiple Shadowpriests and a Shaman (Massive damage output and fears for those who get close)
  • 3 Ret/2 Holy Paladins (Kings/Queens of Bubblerama)
  • 5 Hunters. All Beast mastery. With Devilsaurs. The idea is to burn out your speakers so that your team will not be able to speak over vent.

If I come across anything more in the realm of the wild and wacky, I’ll be sure to pass it on to you all!


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  1. May 4, 2010 7:50 pm

    Man, I hear you. I play Disc Priest with my own Boomkin, and our percentage of opponents who say, “Oh, for fuck’s sake” and then just lay down and die at the ten-minute mark is phenomenally high. Not being able to heal on the move would drop me, though- I don’t know how you do it!

    • Zal permalink*
      May 4, 2010 8:35 pm

      Hehe, the long fights can be a nightmare. With a glyph to reduce the CD on holy shock by 1 sec, taking it down to 5 (instant heal which can proc a free instant flash of light) I can keep fairly mobile if I need to… and certainly kite a ret paladin for 20 minutes if needs be 😛

      And goodness me, standoff fights are the worst. Warrior/Paladin combo is my own personal match most of the time, I had a fight that lasted more than half an hour where myself nor the other healer didn’t oom, and the dps couldn’t get any target down. We just sat round a fire eventually, until their warrior pulled out all the CDs and zerged me 😛

      Some arena experiences for ya 🙂

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