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Goals in a battleground

May 8, 2010

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I can’t help but work on achievements. I occasionally pop into a random battleground (infact, I try to every day, I just feel very anti-pvp sometimes), and where-ever I end up I always have a peak at the achievements list to see if there’s something I can work on. This is because, as a battleground healer, I don’t find myself very challenged. Either we’re being zerged, or we are in the process of zerging. Either that low resilience mage is getting splattered in two hits and I can’t do jack, or I spam heal the Wrathful Warrior who’s bladestorming his way through Horde troops. There has to be more to this, I reason. So I look at the achievements.

Most of them have something to do with the objectives of that battleground. Warsong Gulch? Kill flag carriers, be a flag carrier, be an immortal flag carrier, carry the flag faster, bring the flag to your base whilst walking backwards whistling Magic Moments, etc. Arathi Basin? Assault bases, kill lots of people at the bases, take bases back, take bases back in a slightly different way, take bases back before your team, and on and on it goes.

I don’t do it because I’m particularly interested in getting them, as I said it’s something to do. If in a particular Battleground I have nearly all the ones required for Battlemaster of that BG, I will push to try and get the rest done. It’s not a major goal however, seeing as for my class some of those things are practically impossible, and the title Battlemaster Zalduun doesn’t have a good ring to it.

My ultimate goal is this: The much better sounding Justicar Zalduun. This is obtained by becoming Exalted with all three battleground factions. It’s a very Draenic and Paladinish title. Most people you will see with this title (if you see any at all) will be Vanilla players, seeing as you used to be able to hand in Marks for reputation like Sons of Hodir is today. Thusly, most Draenei and Blood elves you see will not have it. It seems like a pretty far off goal, but I hope to achieve it some day. I already have the easy Alterac Valley rep. The reputation gained from a winning match of Warsong or Arathi is pathetic. Really pathetic. And that’s if you don’t spend half an hour, only to lose. Sure, the consolation prize is extra honour, but I’m not there for the extra honour. I’m there so I can sound like the Draenei general Zal is!

Most people say it’s unobtainable – what’s inspiring me is I knew a Blood elf Mage who got it, completing it in early Wrath. He ground it from scratch, having started halfway through TBC. It nearly killed him, mind, and he did dedicated grinding days and it still took him months and months… but it’s avaliable.

Getting my arse handed to me by a Priest in Heirlooms. :/

It’s just a far horizon.


I keep a Holy PVP spec at the moment. It doesn’t help much in Battlegrounds. People don’t tend to bother to CC, preferring to attack outright. All of my PVP talents save a couple are about damage and CC reduction, and if I’m not getting targeted it’s a little pointless. A retribution PVP build would be better, allowing me to work on my killing blows, achievements and assaulting bases solo. But I can’t arena as Ret. I don’t have the gear, or the time needed to get it. I don’t have the knowhow of Ret arena. So I’m held back.

As much as I love arena, I miss my tanking and DPS specs. It’d be nice if we had a bit of luck in 2v2 for once, and we could get the rating up a bit. We always seem to end up with fresh teams, in full Wrathful gear, that steamroller us just as we’re at the next target up. I wouldn’t overly object if they ended the season tomorrow. Arena can be a harsh place, unforgiving for split second mistakes, dire consequences of a bad connection and players doing absolutely anything to win, including taking advantages of talents Raiders wouldn’t dream of taking in the hope of extra damage/survivability, buying special drinks to consume whilst in arena, and of course taking advantage of whatever is the most powerful talent tree after each patch (see the rise of the moonkin recently? Think they were moonkins all along?) I’ve got what I wanted out of arena. But I enjoy spending time with the people who I arena with, one of which is an ex-guildie and a good friend. And I wouldn’t mind getting full Wrathful, because the set looks so shiny. So I’ll see season 8 to completion with a PVP spec, most likely.

Ah well.

I seem to have divulged from my battleground topic. Curses. I spoke before about how the different BGs are balanced and the highs and lows that come with them. Staying at the back and healing whilst you watch everyone diving into the cluster-fudge and bringing a whole new meaning to ‘pointless kamikaze’, I realise I never want to PVP heal again. If I ever go back into Arena in Cataclysm, it’ll be as Ret. Unless I complete the wrathful set (which I’d keep for the looks) I’m dissolving my Holy PVP gear when I’m done with it. I used to quite enjoy Battlegrounds on my Hunter, blasting people to shreds from long distance and trapping them in ice. Healing your team mates and leaving yourself open to Rogues, warriors and other such nasties is no fun.

The moral of the story is: PVP Pewpew is fun. Being sapped, sheeped, feared and MANA BURNED, and having no offensive is not.


PS. Nerf Priests. Right now. Don’t stop to think about it. Act. If I ever meet the designer who thought of an short cast spell that can be spammed for little cost and only be negated by line of sight that burns YOUR MANA BAR FASTER THAN SPAM HOLY LIGHT HEALING A 25 MAN RAID, I’ll show him how effective an instant cast slap can be. /nerdrage

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  1. May 9, 2010 1:38 pm

    When I played Priest (shadow oc) they were underpowered, underpowered, and OH HAI underpowered. Made me sad, nerf Hunters, or Warriors, or Rogues, or Warlocks.. they’re overpowered :<

  2. May 9, 2010 2:01 pm

    I’m also working on Justicar and the biggest issue at the moment I think is the random Battleground queue thingie. If you just queue for Arathi in my Battlegroup, you get an average wait til of 5 hours, but if you go random… I get 3 Strand of the Ancients and 2 EoTS for every 1 Arathi Basin. I need 20k for exalted with Arathi Basin and since you get a whopping 110 rep for winning, I reckon I need something like 300 games, allowing for wins and losses.

    The best bet is to mindlessly farm Arathi Basin/WSG weekends but that’s too much like the rank grind I did in Vanilla on my other Priest so I can’t quite face it again.

    Oh and every time anyone asks for Priest nerfs a cute little critter gets mindblasted.

    • Zal permalink*
      May 9, 2010 2:05 pm

      Hehe, it’s more intense bitterness against the mass of highly skilled Disc priests that like to pop all their haste and obliterate my mana in seconds, thus winning the match with no skill whatsoever and nothing I can do about it.

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