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Identifying what’s best for you (Me!)

May 10, 2010

Change, change, change!

I posted a while back on how I’m scarily prepared for the upcoming expansion, and that I was working on choosing a class for my new Worgen to be. This search has continued, and I’ve been influenced by lots of different people. I’ve had a week or so testing each of my 80 alts, principally to see if I’d feel like raiding with them long term in our Guild’s second ICC run. Over the course of running random dungeons, questing a bit with them, playing a little PvP here and there, I drew up a list of the things I like and dislike.

Problem Number 1: Kiting.

Main Sufferers: Zalduun, Katastrophe.

I hate having to follow things. I use my fingers for my rotation, and if a mobile tank in a heroic drags the mobs away from them, I have to swap away from my rotation to carry on Damage. I have gotten better at DPS on the move, but it’s never going to be my strong point. I guess I’m not an ace multitasker. I suffer similar problems in PVP, I hate getting locked down, especially by Frost Mages – even breathing on them causes you to be iced to the floor with all cooldowns popped and Blessing of Freedom spellstolen. This applies to both Zal’s specs, because of the direct nature of my heals, if I’m parted from what I’m healing they will die very fast without my constant spammage.

Possible solutions: Classes with lots of Mobility tools, and ranged DPS moves that kiting wont effect. Druid, Shaman, Warlock, Mage, and to a lesser extent, Priest. In PVE, actually tanking the mobs so you control their location.

Problem Number 2: Rotations that take longer to apply than the life expectancy of the mob

Main Sufferers: Aura, and to an extent, Katastrophe.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your mob die in a flash when you take 40 seconds to build up to your best DPS. Even bosses don’t last that long these days. I enjoy Zal and Ort as DPS, because they’re doing their near optimal DPS within 5 seconds on trash. Zal’s seal switches about to fit how fast things are dying, Ort just steamrollers whatever comes up. Aura’s rotation is long and difficult to apply, and I’m often barely halfway through it before things die. If you introduce moving into the equation, I make a poor shadowpriest indeed. Which is tragic, because I enjoy the challenge of the long rotation, and would adore more Patchwerk fights for her to do.

Possible solutions: Classes with less spells in a rotation/more instant cast spells. Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Hunter.

Problem Number 3: Vulnerability

Main Sufferers: Aura, Katastrophe, Ort

Hunters have feign death. Mages have Iceblock and invisibility. Paladins can bubble and use hand of Salvation. Warlocks have a crappy soul shatter thing. At least that’s something. I don’t know if it’s just me, but Aura’s Fade doesn’t seem to do jack. Things just keep on pummelling me, and if they do go away on the click, they come back when it’s expired. I might just be playing with bad PuG tanks too much, but still. And Death Knights have zilch. If I get a row of Procs on Kat, and let off three howling blasts in a row, I glue most packs of mobs to me. If I don’t hit my mitigation CDs in time, AND the healer is awake, I hit the dirt.

The second part of that is how squishy some classes are, and can’t get out the way. This is why I included Ort in this (and why I should never stand near the melee on him.) I frequently raid 10 mans with two high geared AoE DPS: A fury Warrior, and a Demonology Warlock. Both pull upwards of 12k on any pack with more than 3 mobs in, and often, despite our tanks best efforts, get aggro. The fury warrior survives much better, often able to be healed through. The warlock gets one shot. Why? There’s a 9k health difference between them for one, and add on top of that plate’s mitigation with the extra armour.

Possible solutions: Classes with Threat drops, and that can be far enough away / have enough tools to make sure Deaths are avoided. There are a fair few of these.

Problem Number 4: Boringness

Main sufferers: Zalduun

This is going to sound petty, especially after my complaints about long rotations. ‘You don’t like it long OR short Zal?’ I hear you asking. Well, no. What’s keeping me interested in Zal is the content he’s experiencing and the loot he’s getting. It’s certainly not his 2-3 button spam. I could never play an Arcane mage long term. At least I get to swap targets and make sure Beacon doesn’t run out with Zal. I know there will be Paladin healing improvements in the expansion. But I’m moaning about things as they are now, because I have no way of judging what things will be like when everything settled down and raiding at 85.

Possible Solutions: Classes with rotation juggles, proc dependancies, etc. There are a lot of these.


This is a moaning post. I’ll freely admit it. A summary of everything above would be – I want a ranged DPS class with an interesting rotation that has enough tools to save its arse. It’s being sharply narrowed down to Warlock, Hunter, Mage at this point in time. Food for thought. Feel free to make your own list of what you like and don’t like. You may be surprised to find a class that you haven’t played before that ticks all the boxes.


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  1. Lethdarr permalink
    May 10, 2010 11:11 am

    I know how you feel man, my main is a lock and i’m thinking of rolling something new for cata and making a new start, however i’ll be doing it pre cata as i want to be ready for the 80-85 content when it arrives.

    I cant decide at all, i want to be able to heal and dps so it narrows it a bit and i’m leaning heavily towards pala but there are so many of them around it bugs me :O but i love paladin lore so meh

    I think ive narrowed it to shammie or pala now anyway but its taken me weeks and weeks of pondering

  2. May 10, 2010 11:56 am

    Going from all of the above and the options you’re left with, I’d go with Hunter. And no, I’m not being biased. Warlock’s are very squishy, especially with an ill-timed Life Tap, while their rotations are fun and they can AoE like a little trooper, Soulshatter only reduces 50% of their threat and is almost as useful as Fade is \o/

    Mages are very simple as well, though I haven’t played one past 40, I can’t imagine it being as fun as Warlock, SPriest, Hunter, Unholy DK, etc. Though they do have invisibility and IceBlock so, a lot of surviveability.

    That leaves Hunters who aren’t AS squishy as you might imagine. They have Feign Death, a full aggro drop on a 30 second cooldown which is pretty insane, and also great for dodging repairs! Not to mention Disengage if they get too close, Deterrence if taking too much damage and.. think it’s Master’s Call which allows them to avoid being stunned etc. And their rotations are pretty fun, not to mention you get a choice with them (BM, MM or Surv).

    • Zal permalink*
      May 10, 2010 2:42 pm

      Good points. It’s all very up in the air still. Don’t know how everything’s going to settle in the end :/

  3. May 10, 2010 4:59 pm

    Warlock as a class that doesn’t take 40 seconds to build up damage? LAWL ! At least, as affliction warlock, I have a trash rotation which is basically “spam this AoE” that is totally different from my raid boss rotation.

    Warlocks are also ridiculous on threat, even with the threat reduction talent (which is lame by itself compared to other classes). As Jaedia said, we only get a 50% instant drop, and that’s on a 3min CD, too. I once had a pug where a DK was insisting that the warrior tank put Vigilance on him, because he was going to be doing more damage, he thought. The warrior just looked at him point-blank (as point-blank as you can get in WoW) and said, “You see that? That’s a warlock. She gets Vigilance.” You can manage it, but it takes a bit of practice to learn to ride the 129% threat line.

    I don’t think boringness is defined by the number of buttons you get to use. Sure, it can add to it, but I’m currently an afflic lock who is totally enamored with being an elemental shaman. I can count the ele rotation on one hand, versus what hooked me into afflic was juggling 6 (now it’s 4) DoTs, but it’s still exciting and strange to me.

    Personally mages are boring to me because they have to drink every freaking mob at level 15. That and freaking kobolds will flatten them. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

    • Zal permalink*
      May 10, 2010 5:38 pm

      I don’t know my warlocks! 😛 Well, I don’t know how they do what they do. I know they aggro like fudge! And I suppose you are right with the number of moves. I prefer Ele to Shadowpriest, the simpler rotation works there. I think that’s also cause I love chain lightning so much. Great visual and effects!

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