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The joys of the Armory

May 12, 2010

Here’s my Armory! The design for it has changed a lot over the years, but in my opinion, it’s never looked better. You can look at all the stats of a character, the gear they have, how they enchant it, their specs, combat pets, recent activity that can be subscribed to through RSS, Arena rating, Reputation, Achievements and Statistics. There’s also the slightly buggy option of viewing your ingame calendar.

I personally love the statistics tab. Whoever made it had a sense of humor. Under Deaths, (Zal – 3170) there’s one part that describes Deaths by Hogger. You can find out all sorts of random things about your character that you never knew. For example, Zal has been battle Rezzed 95 times, and normally rezzed by Druids 116 times. This is un-suprising; we run a druid heavy team and one of my best friends plays one. However, Zal’s only been raised as a ghoul once. Thanks, Mike.

I’ve respecced 15 times. I own 106 mounts, but only 46 vanity pets. I’ve eaten 4440 conjured mage strudels (I hope they aren’t too fattening.) My total healing done, in everything I’ve ever done on the character from level 1 to now is 1868633922 Health points. Despite the fact that I’m a mainspec healer, leveled as holy with only a Retribution and Prot offspec occasionally, that’s 93916247 less Health points restored than the whopping 1962550169 Health I’ve damaged on enemies. Zal’s been responsible for the deaths of 285578 different targets. Out of all of them, the most hated (appropriately) seems to be Undead, with 89294 killed.

In my long grind, Zal has completed 2484 daily quests. I’ve invariably wiped out 11819 critters thanks to moves like Consecration and Divine storm. For 5 man heroics, Mal’ganis is my most killed boss, sitting at 68. In spite of my long crusade on ICC and ToC, my most killed boss for 10 and 25 man raids remains Flame Leviathan, with on 17 kills 10 and 13 kills on 25. I’ve solo killed Baron Rivendare 42 times with no drop of his mount. Zal’s never killed any ICC 5 man boss on Normal, the achievements he has for normal were triggered by completing heroic.

I’ve taken 903 flight paths and accepted 159 summons. I’ve hearthed back 806 times. I’ve given a fellow player a hug 145 times, compared to my dismal 1 time playing a tiny violin. I’ve won 50 duels whilst only losing 19.

With no particular focus on doing so other than my competitive nature, I’ve gained 7240 achievement points.

This has all been recorded and documented. My characters life from start till now, and every kill and death and point of health healed or taken away has been filed. The Armory is an impressive resource. What weird numbers do you have on yours?


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  1. May 12, 2010 8:00 am

    I’m going to steal this and do it myself when I’ve finally finished my tourism backlog!

  2. May 12, 2010 10:37 pm

    The most fascinating figure on mine is the fact that I have allegedly died 15 times in 3 v 3 rated arena matches. Given I have never played 3 v 3 on my Priest, it doesn’t give me faith in the rest of the data held within. It also proclaims I have zero deaths in the Trial of the Crusader.. now I only wish that was true but I remember months of wipes working on hardmodes. This is why I hate the armoury with the same passion I hate sprouts. Inaccurate data makes me cry.

    • Zal permalink*
      May 12, 2010 10:42 pm

      That’s rather alarming. We might as well just make it up. I’ve killed the Lich King on 25man heroic 2560 times, how about you? :p


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