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Alt raiding

May 13, 2010

I like raiding, as you might have gathered. 10 man especially. Instead of our scheduled ICC 10 on Sunday, we went for an Alts run of ToC10. This is the first time I’ve dusted off my Priest to raid since Ulduar, so I was a little nervous of the numbers I would put out. I’m still using ilevel200 rings, one trinket and a cloak (ICC 5’s droprates suck) so I wasn’t expecting massive numbers. Overall though, I was pleased with how I did, given that I spent a lot of fights like Jaraxxus and Faction champions running around and Dispelling, because we lacked a Mage. On fights where less of that was needed, I pulled a fairly respectable 5.3k DPS. I’m pleased with this – it means I’m well on my way to making this character ready for the ICC alt runs.

When taking an alt to a raid, particularly a class you haven’t played before, there are several things you need to ask yourself. Do I have my Reagents for buffing? Do I have the right flasks? For this, I’d point you to my Raiding Standards post. Once you have the essentials of gatherable items down, you need to understand how your class works in a raiding environment. As a Warrior tank chain running heroics, you might not always bother with putting Vigilance on your biggest threat outputter (Damage taken reduced by 3% and 10% of all threat transferred to the caster). A Priest might suddenly need to realise he has Mass dispell/Dispel Magic, Fear ward and an AoE fear that can all be put to good use in ToC. (Dispel magic is imbalanced on that, it takes away ALL the charges of earth shield and HoTs and so on.) The Paladins need to know what class benefits more from which of their Blessings.

That sort of thing must be learned, and ToC is a good teaching experience. It has fairly short encounters, with different skills required for each of them. It’s a good place for people to get how to work as a team, as coordination is needed amongst all players at different points. Not to mention that with a decent group you can polish the whole thing off in under 3/4 of an hour.

Gear is another important thing. You need to know what stats are best for your alt, especially if a possible upgrade has just dropped. Do I want that? Is crit a good stat? If you want to know, to the decimal point, how much of X is better than Y for you and why this is, go to and the appropriate class and spec forum & thread. If you want a rough idea of which stats to prioritise and which are useless, check out the WoWhead stat weighting system and click ‘Show Details.’ The stats you need will be shown in order, and as they point out, click ‘remove’ on Hit rating if you are capped (most likely you will be unless you’re a completely fresh 80.) An example of the Shadow Priest priorities are on the left. You can use this to sort Armor and Weapons as you need to, and see how valuable they are for you. Don’t use this religiously though, it’s not always up to date with what’s best, and if you have the time to fill it out, Rawr is always much more in depth. WoWhead is good for an ‘at-a-glance’ attitude.

Of course you wont be as experienced as you would be playing your main, but that’s only to be expected. All that’s left, if you’ve done the above, is to learn how to raid with them. Things might just go very well for you!


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