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I tanked the Lich King

May 17, 2010
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Or to be more accurate, I ran away from him, and threw my shield at him when I felt I was at a safe distance and he was distracted. What? It’s more manful than actually standing at the back of the raid whilst other people beat on the guy and you get to dispel their nasty diseases at the right time and stop them from dying. By far.

Halls of Reflection Heroic folks! It’s a nasty place to get pop up as your random heroic, especially when you were hoping for a relaxed Violet Hold. It’s a Lorestorm, and a prologue to the raid (as are all 3 of the ICC 5 man dungeons). Thankfully, the litany at the start is now skip-able. I lamented before on the loss of the CoS stuff, mostly because you could move around and watch that. This one is much longer, and much less interesting on repeat runs. I’m glad there’s now an option to tell Jaina ‘Quick, I think I hear heavy undead footsteps. Go poke Frostmourne and get out of here before the first mobs spawn!’ Well, it’s something like that.

As most of you will know, the first half of the place is a major panic as mobs spawn in waves around the room, and randomly aggro onto anyone who breathes. As a Paladin tank, it’s a great pleasure to pick them all up with Consecration and Avenger’s Shield, but there’s still some difficulty. The most recognised effective technique these days is to hide in the alcove at the side, allowing the tank to pick up the lot of them as they go by, and hopefully stopping the rest of your team from getting instantly gibbed. This isn’t without its flaws – getting two ranged mobs back to you is highly difficult, especially if trigger happy DPS start on them all whilst you’re still trying to LoS that bastard Hunter mob. Still, it’s doable. As a point of reference, when it first came out, I tanked it in the centre of the room, telling people to use the altar in the middle if they drew aggro. Running to the other side of it would count as a LoS tactic, and you had all of them, including the ranged, in the middle in under 10 seconds. This was amazingly effective, and it saddens me that suggesting this these days is met with ‘lol noob y cant u tank it like everi1 else.’ No, that’s fine, put the responsibility on my shoulders. It’s probably safer there anyway.

If I didn’t make it clear, I got this today when I wasn’t expecting it. I was highly impressed with the performance of a mostly blue geared Discipline priest in keeping everyone alive through the whole thing. There was a brain-dead DK who put down Death & Decay slightly infront of my Consecration, meaning everything went on to him first. I enjoy a challenge in tanking, and there were a few close ones where the melee enemies nearly got the fool. But they didn’t, thanks to Paladin power. Hurrah.

This place also features one of my favourite bosses for quotes. Falric, one of Arthas’s closest Lieutenants in life, along with Marwyn, his less quotable companion, make up the bosses after the 5th and 10th waves of trash. A sample of his quotes, all excellently voice acted, are below.

Men… Women… and Children. None were spared the Master’s wrath. Your death will be no different.

Despair… so delicious!

Fear… so exhilarating!

Marwyn, finish them…

Gotta love that guy. He also sparked a lovely parody of his ‘Despair…so delicious’ line. You must go watch it, it’s only like 20 seconds. Anyway, back on track. Once wingus and dingus have hit the dirt, you wander down the corridor and meet up with a massive skeleton commander of doom. I wish I could remember his name, but meh. (On an off note, what are they feeding their undead? That skeleton is huge!) Halfway through the fight little ghosty versions of you and your team mates leap from the walls from no apparent reason. They serve no other purpose but to die and blow up, causing AoE damage. Then you head up the corridor to where Lichy is beating on Jaina, who then freezes him and flees with you. Your mission is to run screaming up this icy passage (Why is it icy? Look around next time you’re there, it’s all indoors within ICC.) Every so often Lichy will throw up a wall of ice, and summon a little wave of trash. They come in three unique flavours: Pathetic Ghoul, Annoying caster warlock, and Cleaving hurling Abomination who fills up your screen.

Incidentally, I decided to pop my Sindorei orb at that point in the proceedings. It seemed fitting, I couldn’t imagine awesome Draenei Zal retreating so willingly. Blood elf fit the scaredy-cat bill.

Several waves of mobs and more time running and screaming later, we reach the exit. A picturesque balcony on the outside of the Citadel. Feel free to lay into the Lich king from a distance at this point, he tries to choke Jaina then gets covered in rocks. I suggest snake traps and baby spice for the best results. Or just throwing your shield at him. And lo and behold, you get rescued, clamber onto the ship and loot your goodies from the chest. And get your massive neck upgrade ninja’d by the DPS warrior who kept pointing out that I should be able to tank through his bladestorm, despite his ICC 25 gear.

Ya can’t win em all. The place is a challenge, as long as your PuG tank and healer have brains, and PuG DPS some restraint, it might go well. So… don’t hold out much hope!


P.S: Might I remind you all that the What Next page is still open to votes for the next Things you might not know post. At some point over this coming week I will pick whichever city has the highest votes and start gathering my research and memories, so get voting!

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