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In-game Glitches

May 19, 2010

Compared to other games, WoW is fairly glitch-free. Apart from a few bugs in encounters every time a new raid is released, Warcraft has been a very solid playing experience for me. In my three or so years of playing, I’ve only managed to fall through the world three times (two of those on the same location) and the most problems I’ve had with monsters in-game bugging have been over the last month.

For my amazing world breaking skills, I found that disconnecting just as your Zeppelin ride from one continent to the other is not a good thing. I logged back in to find my character, and the NPC’s that were on the ship at the same time, falling through nothingness. This was nothing with the Tirisfall skybox as well. Eventually, my character died, and so did the NPCs. Then my ghost appeared, next to a spirit healer for a microsecond, and then plummeted to his doom (shown above). Every 30 seconds or so, I’d be reset back to the spirit healer, and have a frantic spam of clicking to try and get to the ‘Do you want to spirit ress’ option, but to no avail. I eventually had to call a Game Master, who ported me out, alive, free of charge, to the entrance of Orgrimmar. I had actually been heading to Undercity, but I didn’t want to push my luck. If he took me out of there, he might have been able to put me back.

The second and third times I managed to fall through the world was about a day after Wrath was released, and I was questing in Borean Tundra on my Hunter. I went up some stairs in the crashed Ziggurat up in the north of the map. At the top of the stairs, I turned sharply right, intending to edge along the platform to the NPC you are meant to rescue. Instead, I fell down below the map. However, this time, my ghost spawned at a far off graveyard. Not wanting to waste valuable leveling time, I hurried my ghost back to the spot I’d fallen through. I couldn’t rezz, my corpse was out of reach. After pondering for a minute or two, I walked all the way back, as a ghost, and spirit rezzed. I went and had dinner. I came back to my character, thinking ‘Aha, I still have those Ziggurat quests to do!’ and went back and fell through again. I kid ye not.

The recent bugging issues have been all centred on Pit of Saron, they haven’t managed to fix a particular bug where the last boss jumps back on to his mount when you engage him, requiring you to wipe the group and reset the encounter. I think it’s been brought to my attention more because I’ve been running that place a lot recently, but it’s a highly irritating bug.

However, those three paragraphs are all I can complain about in my whole experience playing, which is pretty good. Have you had any bizarre glitches or problems when playing?


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  1. May 19, 2010 9:15 am

    I’ve been feared through the ground several times, the game doesn’t like warlocks losing it seems. Once I ended up in Old Ironforge, having been feared through the door whilst defending the King. The first day Ulduar was released, half our raid fell through Ulduar and ended up in Crystalsong Forest dead. Oh and I once died in Silithus and appeared as a ghost in Westfall.

    My character got stuck on a boat for two days in the WotLK beta too, which was probably the most annoying bug of all.

    • Zal permalink*
      May 19, 2010 9:23 am

      Ahh, it’s the early bird that gets the glitch 😛 Although I had forgotten when I left my character flying through Sholozar Basin on automatic and came back to find my ghost at the crossroads in the Barrens.

  2. May 19, 2010 4:17 pm

    Yeah, there was a glitch in Ulduar during the vehicle section. If you used a speed boost on any of the ramps/bridges, you would fall through the map. A few of our guildies fell victim to that, including me. And that was after I knew about it…

    I think that’s the only time I’ve gone though the map. I’ve seen the Rimefang-remount thing happen once. We also had one of our guild’s gnomes get stuck under a table in Kara. That was good for a few laughs.

    While farming Rivendare’s mount I’ve found that there’s a couple ways to get locked between the two doors in the Slaughterhouse. I accidentally (somehow) ran through Rammstein without aggroing him. The door closed with me on the inside and him out the outside. Had to hearth. The other way, I think, is to kill those skeletal guards that spawn after Rammstein’s death too quickly. I don’t think the game registered something it was supposed to, and the doors never opened back up after they died.

    • Zal permalink*
      May 19, 2010 4:38 pm

      Mm, I think a lot of problems can come when you do old content differently to how it was in the old days, it wasn’t programmed with 8k dps smacks in mind 😛

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