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A first look at the Female Worgen (CataSp)

May 20, 2010

So, yesterday Blizzard released our first preview of the Worgen Female. It’s a work in progress, and the preview shows two different skin colours, dark brown and grey. The model previews they’ve shown have all the same animations as the leaked previews before they clamped down on the NDA, so this is really to show off the finished texture. They are pictured here without hair, and I can’t say it exactly helps to get an overall image of them. Anyone who is interested in seeing their hairstyles should check out Felfire’s compilation picture. Still, for those that haven’t seen them before, the links are below. They have fair similar animations to the Male, except they tend to twirl and spin when they attack in melee rather than the savage blows of the Male model. It wont be a full preview until we can see them properly casting/attacking/tanking or whatever in full gear, fully textured and rendered. There will probably be a lot of videos like that on Youtube when the Beta gets going, so look forward to that.

From a personal standpoint, and I realise I may be very much alone on this, I feel they’re even more feral looking than the Male version. The face doesn’t have any of the softness you can find in any other Alliance female face. But whatever, as MMO-Champ says, it’s still a work in progress, and they were told to stress that on the showing of these pictures. So here’s me stressing it too – This ain’t done yet, folks!


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