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The Ultimate Exploration Tools

May 21, 2010

A Hunter or a Shaman. Why? Because they can hop across the world in seconds. Confused? Let me explain.

Far be it from these earthy, in-touch-with-nature classes to be abusing portals and hearthstones. Their method of exploring the world is far more interesting. I present to you the moves [Far Sight] for Shamans, and [Eagle Eye] for Hunters. The simple moves of putting your vision into either a passing bird or wandering spirit. But hang on, the standard use of these moves is that the player targets a location, and the vision is relocated to that point, yes? This is correct. Here’s an example of it.

Most people think it is limited to that. They are wrong! Through the use of a simple macro, you can send your vision away in leaps and bounds, with either ability. The Hunter one is instant, and the Shaman one will require a recast, but as long as you don’t touch your character movement keys and get about merely by clicking the macro button and selecting a new location, you should never have to. (Obviously, don’t leave your character vulnerable. This is an out of body experience, and it’ll just look like your body is AFK to any other players or mobs.) To make it work, you merely click the Macro button of Eagle Eye/Far sight on your bars whilst already at a location, and select a new place to hop to as you did the first time.

Here is the Hunter macro:

/cast !Eagle Eye

And the Shaman macro:

/cast !Far Sight

I cannot guarantee these will work forever; whilst this is a Blizzard approved use of Macroing, they play with their Macro language all the time, and it may become unrecognised. However, a Hunter friend of mine passed this current iteration of the explorer move on to me from the mouth of a GameMaster, so it’s guaranteed to work for now.

A nice tip to explore till your hearts content!


PS. Disclaimer: This will not get you the Explorer achievements, your character has to physically stand on the zone boundaries for this. It’s still a lot of fun!

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