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I am the Keymaster

May 24, 2010

Just recently, I grabbed the last key on my personal list. I can now get into any locked dungeon on Azeroth with Zal. This is mostly covered by the achievement [The Keymaster], although there are a couple of extra keys than the ones covered on that list. The Master’s Key, to unlock the door of Karazhan, is one such key – I finished the quest chain I started a few months back. (It didn’t take me all that time, I just forgot about it.) For the purposes of helping you all, should you wish to have a bulging keychain like the Zal himself, here’s my own list.

Zal’s Personal Key Collecting List

Old world:

Workshop Key (Quest line)
The Scarlet Key (Box drop after a boss in SM)
Shadowforge Key (Quest line)
Skeleton Key (Quest line)
Crescent Key (Mob drop in Dire maul)
Key to the City (Boss drop in Stratholme)

Outland drops and quests:

Shadow Labyrinth Key (Box accessible after the death of last boss in Sethekk halls)
Shattered Halls Key (Quest line)
Master’s Key (Quest line for Kara access)

Outland heroic rep keys:

Auchenai Key (Lower City Honoured)
Key of Time (Keepers of Time Honoured)
Reservoir Key (Cenarion Expedition Honoured)
Flamewrought Key (Honour Hold Honoured)
Warpforged Key (Sha’tar Honoured)


The Violet Hold Key

This doesn’t include some keys that I had already. You don’t need all of those for the achievement either, oddly enough. The achievement doesn’t cover the Coilfang, Hellfire Citadel and Tempest Keep heroic (honoured reputation) keys. Nor does it require the Arcatraz Key, which is obtained from a long series of quests that allow you to open the door outside the instance. The achievement doesn’t cover raid keys either. The Upper Blackrock Spire “key” is just that, a “key.” Probably isn’t counted because it’s an inventory item. The few other keys and inventory hoojits which let you into raids, that temporarily escape my memory, aren’t needed either. Oh well.

I wouldn’t have minded a tabard in black with a golden key on it. Or some kind of Ghostbusters reference. Still, it’s done!


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  1. May 25, 2010 12:11 pm

    I really wish this achievement gave a title, although a tabard wouldn’t be bad either. It feels rather anti-climatic once it’s completed.

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