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Crafting your PVP gear (Cataclysm Profession Spoilers!)

May 29, 2010

This is an interesting notion that I stumbled across yesterday. I was browsing the Cataclysm Profession preview that Blizzard did a while back. A lot of people have done a lot of thinking based on what was in that preview, such as the Embersilk bandages healing for 34,800 and what that means for player health, and Alchemist’s Lotus idea going out the window. One point that highly interested me is this, mentioned in the section on Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring:

All three professions will create their starter sets of PVP gear, which will be upgraded with new recipes every season. In general, these are meant to keep pace as an entry-level PvP set below whatever the current Hero Point set is.

If the words ‘Hero Point’ mean nothing to you, it’s the Low Tier PvE badge equivalent (ie, what Triumphs are today.) I have wondered since reading this if they meant Honor point instead, because that is the PvP lower tier reward system. Ah well. Perhaps they did mean Hero points, so you can never craft PvP gear that’s better than your PvE stuff?

Anyway, no matter what they meant, it means that at any point you’ll be able to leap into the PvP game. Blizzard didn’t say if these sets are sellable, in which case they might be decent money-spinners. They say they ‘will be upgraded with new recipes every season’ so as to ‘keep pace as entry-level PvP gear.’ I like the way this works. Allow me to predict it in story form.

Dwarf warlock dings 85 one week into Cataclysm. Hurrah! he says, I leveled this purely for PVP! Lets take my affliction spec into BGs! But wait, he’s also a tailor. He can make himself some crafted noobish PvP gear that is nonetheless better than his questing gear. He can go into BGs and grind Honor Points for his shiny set. Maybe he’ll even do some rated stuff, earn Conquest Points, and get his even shinier stuff. Then his friend Mr Gnome Mage comes along, just as the next season starts. The Dwarf can learn a new set of PvP gear to craft that’s equivalent to his Honor Point set from last season. He QQs a bit over his obsolete pieces and then charges his friend through the nose for the excellent stuff. By the end of the expansion, Mr Dwarf Lock can now craft PVP gear that’s 2 tiers better than even the best shiny stuff at the start of the expansion, so anyone can enter into PvP at any time if they have professions or money.

In-case you’re wondering, the pictures don’t show an accurate representation of Cataclysm warlock PVP gear. That is infact very early Wrath PVP gear. And also, yes, there will be Dwarf Warlocks in Cataclysm, along with Troll Warlocks – they are two more class/race combinations that were added in the Cataclysm alpha and confirmed by Ghostcrawler to be genuine.

So I like this for several reasons:

  • No matter where you come into the PvP game, at any point in the timeline of the expansion, you’ll be able to have the same advantage as people did at the start.
  • If they are sellable, this could potentially be one of the bigger moneyspinners in Cataclysm (along with the same predicted Jewelcrafting gemming boom as happened in Wrath.)
  • I’ll actually be using my profession to make gear that wont instantly be rendered obsolete by gear from Raids or Arena, and it will stay that way across the whole thing. Even if I utterly fail at Cata PVP (which given the burst in confusing aoe abilities seems highly likely) I’ll still be able to keep up with the lowest gear curve for PvP.

Interesting stuff.


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  1. Lethdarr permalink
    May 29, 2010 12:13 pm

    This is a great idea i hadnt seen this in the proffession notes for cata so i’m quite pleased to read it here.
    After all there is usually a entry level pve set so why not a pvp set it only makes sense and hopefully it will make me want to do more pvp as i can never be bothered to grind the honor points for the pvp set as with me bein a pve lock i have a big sign over my head asking for rogues to 1 shot me 😛 so atleast now it gives me the incentive to do more pvp

    • Zal permalink*
      May 29, 2010 12:22 pm

      Yeah certainly, knowing you at least stand a chance is great!

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