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What abilities would you really miss?

June 17, 2010

I had a think about this the other day. It’s a good way to appreciate the good things about your class. Every expansion, things get tweaked, removed, and so on. They’ve already spoken about lowering the duration of Divine shield so that the Bubble-hearth combo would no longer work. Personally, when it comes to my class, I really think they should leave our long cooldowns alone. I’m already stuffed if I wanna use my Lay on hands mana return within a minute of my bubble, or avenging wrath, thanks to Ret BG changes. Lowering bubble duration would feel like just more hacking at the foundations at what makes the Paladin different from other classes. Ret has borrowed so much from Fury warriors they’re only a rage bar and a commanding shout away from being twins. Holy Paladins look to become priests with less tools in Cataclysm. Protection, I’m not the authority on, but I’m sure I could find something to moan about if I was.

  • I like my unique preservation powers. Divine shield for instance. Also, Divine Intervention is one I would seriously miss. The ability to save a wipe and save your durability is a nice gift to the only healer class that has to wear heavy-repair bills plate. I’d miss that.
  • I like Ret’s free AoE on multiple targets.
  • I like my Auras, mostly. Free resistances, and free damage on people that hit you.
  • Ranged judgements that put a debuff on the target to heal everyone/restore mana to everyone who attacks the target, and gives me lots of free haste.
  • Being able to reliably Taunt without having to swap stances or forms etc.
  • Intelligent use of divine plea can mean you never have to worry about running OOM.
  • Beacon is my favourite healing tool ever. It’s basically a ‘Don’t worry about the person you cast this on’ button. I would have to completely have to rethink the way I personally heal without it.

Those are the main things I would miss as a Paladin, and make the class what it is for me. What effects what you like about your class, and stuff that you really want left alone in the future?


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  1. Lethdarr permalink
    June 17, 2010 11:49 am

    From a warlocks PoV i would seriously miss life tap, teleport (bg’s mostly), fear and only for how awesome it looks chaos bolt. Nothing else springs to mind that i feel i would really miss if they removed it.

    i suppose Healthstones aswell for pvp but i very rarely use them as i only pvp for giggles… other than that i wouldnt be upset if they removed or changed any others.

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