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Things you might not know – Ironforge

June 19, 2010

Things you might not knowHey folks! You might be thinking, boy – it’s a long time since Zal did one of these! And you’d be right. I’ve been busy, and writing whimsical rambling posts that don’t require in-depth research is much better when my real-life nose is to the grind-stone. But now I’m kicking back and enjoying a break from work, I bring you the latest in the Things series, as requested in my polls to be Ironforge! If you would like to pick what Horde and Alliance cities you’d like to see next, feel free to contribute your vote.

  • It’s not immediately obvious unless you really pan your camera around, but Ironforge is built directly into the mountain range that surrounds Dun Morogh, and has massive gates of magically reinforced stone that can seal off the city if needs be. The lava from the mountain itself is redirected and distributed for heat, energy and smithing purposes. Its long, sloping entrance path makes for a great tactical defence, as it gives the dwarves plenty of time and warning, and a bottleneck at which to fight.
  • All along the area known as ‘The commons’ there is a deep trench cut in a moat-like curve through the floor, where a thick metal grate is all that protects falling players from plunging into the lava. The exact purpose of this is unknown.
  • According to Thinking with Portals – A Memorandum on Proper Portal Usage, a book that can be found in Dalaran, Ironforge was flooded in 24 AD with water from Lakeshire when a mage removed the liquid filter from a mage portal.
  • Although similar to the current version, Ironforge’s layout was a lot bigger in the alpha-version of the game. It consisted of multiple levels connected by bridges and stairs, two elevators (one to reach Old Ironforge, the other to reach the Deeprun Tram), an additional destination for the Deeprun Tram other than Stormwind, and a forge looking more like a power-generator than a foundry. Rumors has it there even was an elevator to the Dun Morogh airfield.
  • The commons is the most populated part of Ironforge, seeing as it houses the bank, the auction house, an inn, and several shops including repair vendors and reagent vendors.
  • Unusually, most shops and buildings in Ironforge have a second level, sometimes deserted, with a balcony looking out into the main road.
  • There is a Barbershop tucked away in the southwest of Ironforge, west of the commons. Visitors can wait on one of the special ‘Dwarven High Back Chairs.’
  • The ‘Stonefire Tavern’ inn also houses the inebriated members of the Brew of the Month club, where members can swill a new beverage every month. Upstairs in the inn is a table for three.
  • Ironforge is unusual in it’s multiple Reagent vendors, including Barim’s Reagent shop and Longberry’s Reagents.
  • Ironforge, like most cities, has patrolling vendors selling food and drink. One of these is Sraaz, the pie selling gnome who you have to kiss on Valentines day.
  • The Hall of Mysteries is an unusual construction. On its lower floors it houses the trainers for most Magic users, namely Priests, Mages and Paladins. At the back is a wide staircase that leads to an upper level, with more NPCs and a domed, decorated roof.
  • The Folorn cavern is the one place in Ironforge to catch Old Ironjaw, the rare fish connected with the Salty achievement.
  • The fishing trainers and vendors are also located in a shop opposite the pool, known as ‘Traveling Fisherman.’ Inside is a gnome called Tansy Puddlefizz who will sell you some reasonably rare cooking patterns.
  • In a poky, unnamed building next door the few warlock trainers in the city reside.
  • Opposite that place is the small branch of SI:7, the dwarf and gnome division. This place, also unnamed, trains Rogues.
  • There is an empty house in the west of the Hall of explorers that is full of many adventurous trophies, including a cannon, a boat, large nets, a fishing trophy or two and a lot of harpoons. There are no NPCs within.
  • The main feature of the Hall of Explorers is the massive library/museum, containing all the items and knowledge the Dwarven Explorer’s League wish to make public. Inside the Library are many books that you can read for the ‘Well Read’ achievement. Within the Museum are such interesting artefacts as a Highbourne Astrolabe, the plaque telling us it gives valuable insight into the advanced technologies that were lost. There are decorated pots and a chest from the depth of Uldaman, created by the ancient dwarven race. There is the remains of a Horde catapult, the plaque reading that it serves as a reminder of how close the Horde came to conquering Ironforge in the second war. There are some ‘Etched Relief Runners’  which the nearby NPC claims to be the most important find within Uldaman, clearly suggesting a tie between the Golem-like Earthen and the current Dwarven race. Hanging in the centre is a Pteradon skeleton, said to have been recovered from Un’goro crater. Along from that is the skeleton of a massive ram, known as Toothgnasher, which the plaque tells us is a replica of a ‘wonder of Khaz modan and the subject of many tales of dwarven folklore.’ Nearby that lay some eggs, with a plaque claiming they were found in the depths of Tanaris with no clue to their origin, only to their vast age. Opposite that is a Talon, larger than a Draenei, who’s plaque claims it was found off the coast of Stranglethorn and is the talon of the ancient ‘Sun rocs.’ Behind that are some spiny Devilsaur eggs, and a stuffed plainstrider, identified as a rare ‘Geru’ genus. At the far end is the gigantic skull of the noble red dragon, Tyrannistrasz, who was died during Alexstrasza’s imprisonment in Grim Batol; he was he eldest consort and passed on due to his great age and the suffering the Orcs put him and his queen through.
  • Along from the Hall of explorers is Tinker Town, the Gnome run area of the city. Ironforge has given the area over to Gnome refugees, and it is ruled by High Tinker Mekkatorque, who has recently been given a new model. The whole area is full of active machinery. It also contains the Ironforge end of the Deeprun tram, the underground tram system that links Stormwind and Ironforge.
  • In the Military Ward there is an inn known as Bruuk’s corner, however it is not a true inn, whilst it has vendors for Alcohol and a mailbox outside, it has no place to set a hearthstone.
  • The Hall of Arms within the Military Ward is the PvP hub of the city. It contains the trainers for Warriors and Hunters and the Battleground NPCs. It also houses the redundant tanks and weaponry of the Ironforge Military.
  • At the back of the Hall of Arms is a Rails based track that lifts Dwarf planes out from an unseen room and places them on a launch strip. Two metal blocks then shoot forward and launch it through the hole in the ceiling, and out of sight.
  • Opposite the Hall of Arms are the Ironforge training dummies.
  • In the centre of the city is the Great Forge. The Great Forge is the heart and soul of dwarven culture, where all of their ingenious creations and weapons are made. At its center is the famed Great Anvil, where most of the best dwarven blacksmithing trainers can be found. Ringed around the Great Forge are a great deal of shops and guild offices, including trainers for cooking, mining, first aid, tailoring and leatherworking, as well as the High Seat, the court of the High King Magni Bronzebeard. Ironforge’s gryphon master is also located here. It was here, upon the The Great Anvil itself, that the legendary blade Ashbringer was forged by King Magni.
  • King Magni Bronzebeard rules Ironforge from the High Seat at the heart of the city, with the support of his two highest-ranking advisers, Royal Historian Archesonus and Senator Barin Redstone.

Things I didn’t know:

  • The planes launched from the Hall of Arms are actually used in a quest to southeastern Aszhara – The whole line starts around level 48ish in the “mage quarter” of Ironforge. Rub some naga runes, grab a flare and signal for a pilot to pick up the data.

I would urge you, even you Hordes, to have a good look at Ironforge’s objects, buildings, and talk with its NPCs. The place is a hive of activity and Lore, and one of the most frequented cities ingame. Well, that about wraps up my post on Ironforge! As ever, please comment if you know I’ve missed something awesome, and please help choose the next place in my poll section! The next Things post will be on a Horde capital. Thanks for reading!


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  1. June 25, 2010 2:27 pm

    The planes launched from the Hall of Arms are actually used in a quest to southeastern Aszhara – The whole line starts around level 48ish in the “mage quarter” of Ironforge. Rub some naga runes, grab a flare and signal for a pilot to pick up the data.

    • Zal permalink*
      June 25, 2010 8:09 pm

      Thanks, didn’t know that one 🙂

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