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High Five, Team!

June 25, 2010

After last weeks run of bad luck, just-starting-out-wrathful teams and mic problems at our end in our 5v5 arena, we came storming back this week to hammer our way up roughly 120 rating to sit at the cool 1550. Special mention goes out to Mcbiggish, our awesome Rogue who bagged his feat of strength for getting over 9k Achievement points, thanks to the 10 that the High Five achievement got him.

RNG also finally smiled upon my cooking daily; I looted the last recipe I needed for the Outland Gourmet (food preparation) Achievement, meaning I could ride out to Deadwind Pass and fish up a charming Skullfish and cook it to gain my Cooking Meta. It’s nice to actually have a part of my achievement window that’s completely… complete.

I’m nearing the point of very little left that I want to aim for, thankfully/tragically one of the few goals I have is the Justicar title, something that will keep me more than occupied for a long time. I’m currently working my way through the Arathi Basin reputation part of it, and am managing around a thousand reputation a day. I think that to exalted is certainly within my grasp, but I’m not looking forward to the Warsong Gulch part of the deal. Ah well. It’s one of the few titles ingame that I feel actually suit my character. ‘The Noble’ does a good job, and ‘The Argent Champion’ or ‘Crusader’ suit me when I’m bombing around battering things as Retribution, but they feel a bit amiss as Holy. If ever they implement such titles as Templar or Anchorite, I’d leap on those like a starving jackal. But they haven’t. So I keep grinding away at this long goal! Hurrah.

With the return of the Midsummer Fire Festival, in its new LFD Tool form, I find myself increasingly glad that I don’t have to be doing all of the Long Strange Trip business, and can quietly pull in 4 Frosties every day on Zal + Aura with little fuss. It would be nice if they allowed players returning to the festival a second or even a third time around a chance to retake the Ahune quest line and gain the second tabard, but you can’t have everything. I’m aware of the easy deletion of the tabard and the re-acquirement of it from a tabard vendor in whatever colour you like, but I wouldn’t mind having both! Might just be me. I can kick back and mostly watch this holiday float by, from my quiet spot at the AB Lumber Mill. Ahhhh.


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  1. June 25, 2010 7:29 am

    a) it wasn’t actually Mic problems, in my excitement at an arena win I kicked out, flailed with my arms, accidentally knocked “mute voice” on the vent opening screen and threw the power off to my entire bedroom by kicking the wall switch…Not that that actually makes it any better really, just makes me look like a tool.
    b) I totally forgot about the tabard thing – you just got me one closer to 25 😀 THANKS ZAL.


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