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It takes all types

June 27, 2010

This isn’t going to be a moaning post (much of one) more pointing out the several different types of players I’ve encountered whilst grinding my Justicar Title.

  • The quietly pro people. These are the ones with Wrathful gear, top tier Wrathful weaponry. Whether they be on your side or the opposite, they slice through the opposition like butter and can often cap flags and bases and fight off at least 4 less experienced people and win. Normally don’t talk in BG chat, other than to let others know of incoming attacks.
  • The ‘uber l33t’ people. These are the ones with excellent gear, but a stick up the behindus. They believe their gear gives them the right to hurl abuse at other people, afk at bases and deliberately do things wrong to annoy people on their own team. Often shouting or making stupid comments in BG chat.
  • The mixed gear people. These folk are trying – they have more slots PvP than PvE. They may still be squishier than the average Wrathful player, but due to a 2set bonus or an ICC weapon, they do about the same damage.
  • The ICC geared people. These folks aren’t trying at all. They’ve come straight out of raiding into BGs. They are pathetically easy to kill, with low health. Their output, depending on class, might still rival that of a Wrathful player.
  • The fresh 80 people. They have their own reason for coming in the BG with their Northrend greens and blues. Their 15k health and minimal damage often means they get taken out by incidental damage.

Each type has its problems, and honestly, it depends on a persons personality whether they will be shouting in BG chat. The one I noted seems to me to be the most usual abuser of /bg.

There’s a certain issue with people’s attitudes. Sure, you can join a BG just to enjoy yourself. Let’s look at that. What’s fun about a BG? For most people, it’d be the killing random players, capping bases before anyone else, enjoying being better than the opposition, and ultimately, winning. With this in mind, I just can’t see ‘well, I just wanted to have some fun’ as an excuse for coming into a BG with the wrong gear. You wouldn’t let a fully PvP geared person into your raid for ICC Heroic, not if you wanted to do well. It would be counter-productive, and selfish of the individual to think he deserves the place, despite having the wrong gear. I think because of how easy it is to get into a BG group for PvPing compared to putting together a raid group for PvEing, it encourages more of a lax attitude when it comes to gear. Sure, some classes still perform well, but generally, if you find people under 25k health in a BG, they will go down in 2-4 hits, assuming they aren’t being healed (and even then, a well placed heavy hit can still take them down.) On the enemies team, it’s a blessing to have a team of PvE geared people. They have a tendancy to not react well to quick movements and suprise stun-n-zergs. But there’s one thing that’s better on the enemy team than an ICC geared player. That’s a newly dinged 80.

In a way, I love fresh 80s in a BG. Low health. Low resilience. The situational awareness of a fiddler crab. I don’t know why these people come into the BG. You often see them trying to cap bases or capture flags rather than fight. They can almost always be one shot, or taken out by incidental damage like Starfall and Bladestorm without much concern. Free honour!

The mixed gear people, I can mostly tolerate (otherwise I’d be a honking big hypocrite, seeing as I BG mostly as a blend of Ret PvP and PvE for the 2set t10 bonus) because it often has its advantages, especially when it comes to weaponry. Proper PvP weapons are difficult to obtain, and PvE ones aren’t too different. Indeed, an item like Bryntroll with its health draining effect can be highly useful in PvP.

I’m not even going to talk about the ‘uber l33t’ folk, because it’d just turn into a whine at morons in general, but I do wish they’d stay out of it. How helpful is it really to shout, 30 seconds after a base was capped by the Horde with no chat warning ‘Omg you tards, def farm!!!’ Do they really think that’s going to win the base back, or make people more likely to defend it? I personally like defending, as long as I have someone with me. I’m not particularly bothered about honour, more the Rep I get from winning the match, so I make the perfect defender. However, it takes a lot to get most people to stay, especially if they see action going on elsewhere. They don’t seem to be able to take into account that, whilst their contribution to the fight might be anywhere between pivotal and pointless, if they’re leaving the base they left undermanned or even unmanned, that’s more of an issue. I tend to find the action comes to you, if you wait long enough. Or make rude gestures at Orcs from the Lumber Mill.

I don’t have a decent way to round off this post, or some good Arathi Basin pictures to go with it, so here’s a picture of a herd of Dalaran Mammoths.


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  1. June 27, 2010 10:38 pm

    I don’t think there’s such a thing as ‘wrong gear’ in a BG. It’s a completely different kettle of fish to that of a raid, the only thing that comes close is arena and even then the PvE geared folk are surely easy wins :p
    But in a BG, it really doesn’t matter as long as they try. That and they have to start somewhere, even if all they’ve done is raided for the entire expansion, where else can they get PvP gear *from*?
    (For the record I have a mixture, I don’t hardcore PvP and never will, but I’ve got a decentish PvP set mostly from WG farming)
    Also, mammoth trains = win.

    • Zal permalink*
      June 28, 2010 9:40 am

      You can get PvP gear from Badges, most people are overflowing with triumphs if they’ve played the character long enough, equally if they’ve been grinding instances they should have tonnes of Stone-Keeper’s shards that they could exchange for honour points and then go and buy the non-set items in SW/Org. There’s perfect facility for a raider to go have a decent PvP setup without ever having set in a BG tbh.

      And mammoth trains are indeed win, that was more like ‘Mammoths: The Gathering’ though :O

  2. June 28, 2010 9:43 am

    oo oo oo.
    If you look at today’s post on my almost-completion of my rep/mount/tabards grind, it looks like your pocket BG healer will be with you soon 😀
    By the end of July at the latest, Ogri’la should be done, at which point I will be battlegrounding my arse off.
    Once I’ve got Stormpike to exalted, we can camp AB like a pro-team 😉

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