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A character complete?

July 1, 2010
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I’ve played my Priest now for a long, long time. It only occurred to me how long the other day, when someone who didn’t know the character invited her to a group. ‘Blimey Zal,’ he said. ‘A four letter name? How old is that char?’ I chuckled, thought back, and realised it was very very late vanilla, after I’d finished levelling my Hunter to 60 but before Burning Crusade. It hadn’t seemed that impressive a name at the time, but it was short, practical and suitable. I now adorn it with the title ‘The Explorer’ as well, for a weak laugh every now and again.

But late Vanilla? That’s getting on for three years, maybe more? My Priest has been running around smiting and healing for longer than I’ve been in higher education, and that’s a scary thought. On Tuesday this week, I was invited to a friend’s ICC alt run from a different guild. Since I’d been recently gearing her up for the sole purpose of performing well and being as useful as possible in our own Guild alt runs, which sadly no longer function, I thought there was no harm in it. I managed to pick up a glove upgrade that I’ll gem up when I can afford to lose the hit, and enough badges to buy her t10 Helm, one of my long standing goals with her.

Ever since I saw the t10 gear in development on the PTR, I liked the Priest gear. I preferred it when the helm was just a massively tall collar without the current addition of a skull-cap/shroud thing that does a rather weak job of covering most characters faces, but it’s still one of my favourite sets ingame. I was very pleased to get the shoulders a while back, and have since then been saving hard for the helm to go with it. I sat her down in ICC whilst we were on an AFK break, and had a look at her (hence the picture.) She’s gone from a stumbling noob who stubbornly levelled as Holy, healed through Outland raids and fought tooth and nail for the right to stay as a healer rather than shadow, then when I felt my Holy spec had been changed beyond my personal limits for using it, I quit her. Months later I came back, and levelled her to 80 as Shadow in Alterac Valley, when the XP was something to be awestruck by. She noobed around as an 80 with outdated blues and a couple of my old raiding epics, and then the option of faction-transfer came up. I brought her up alongside my Paladin, and geared her to a reasonable standard. Then, as I mentioned earlier, I sunk a lot of money into getting her a lot of good epics for the alt runs so I’d do competative DPS, I spent 1k on getting her Dual spec so she could heal if needed. And now I have my amazing helm.

But now, sadly, she is defunct. Or is it complete?

It’s a weird thing. I’m not going to delete her, as I’m proud of the progress and I wouldn’t want that gold to go to waste. But I think I will let her rest in Dalaran now. It’s getting close to the point where everything she does can be done better by Zal. DPSing in Daily Heroics, DPSing in raids, Healing in Raids. I’m just so much more comfortable with Zal now. There’s just not the need for an alt anymore, and my little Priest is overshadowed by my powerful Paladin. I may address her again, come Cataclysm. I may come back to any of my alts, if massive changes make them fun to play again. I’ve completed all Aura’s goals, she’s served her purpose. She has the gear I wanted to leave her in. She has her Jeeves, her Flying Carpet, and her TBC Roflcopter. I don’t want to strut her around Dalaran going ‘Hey guys, look at my complete character!!’ because by most people’s standards she’s just a random Priest with maxed professions and a mish-mash of 232-251 loot. But for me, she’s complete. Weird stuff.


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  1. July 1, 2010 10:15 am

    I get that, kinda feel the same with Fae and my Warlock. Fae I think I’d like to raid a little on, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t because I’m prioritising raiding on my Priest. My Warlock is about the same, I’ve got everything I can pre-raids on both of them. Sure, I could get some Frost Emblem gear for my Warlock but again, prioritising my Priest, and I’m not one to do every random heroic on every alt like some people I know do. So for now I leave them be and focus on other alts 🙂

  2. July 1, 2010 10:40 am

    Heh, I still get the odd “Hey I used to farm you” when playing my undead warrior. The poor sod’s as old as our server (4 months after WoW launched). I never feel that he’s obsolete or complete though. My other chars get to do the daily dungeon maybe once a week just to keep in practice if I ever need them but my tank stays my true hero.

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