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I’m a sucker for this sort of thing

July 7, 2010

You know, from here on out, there’s going to be a fair few posts of me going ‘Gasp, something awesome’ and blogging about it as I wander through the various Cataclysm sites. I don’t intend to give any lore spoilers, but I may very well go on and on and on about Paladins and Worgens. I’ll still be posting guides and chats about my current play, so, if you don’t like these, bare with me.

Wowhead now has it’s Cataclysm section up. I’ve known this a while, and perused it. What I only realised a few nights ago was that the model viewer they have works with the new models that are getting registered from the Beta, including the Worgen and Goblins. You can officially preview gear on them through Wowhead now, and I spent a long time seeing how different favourite tier sets looked like on both species and Genders. The ones I’ll show you are on the right, my Death Knight as a Worgen, as he will be if I ever pick him up again, and on the left, a Worgen in cloth heirlooms and leveling gear, as my starting Worgen alt will most likely be a clothy.

They interestingly have yet to properly code the helms for Worgen, even in the actual beta. All that happens is for those helms that would conceal some hair, the Worgen is suddenly bald, and those that would hide the head completely, the Worgen is bald with a small blue and white checked box above its head. Pretty funny. And I mean funny as in, Wah Blizz, get that fixed, cause I wanna see more gear previews! Oh and the freaky things with the legs near the feet that’s been around since the Alpha? Seriously? Anyway.

Go play with it if you’re interested in trying gear on Worgen or Goblin of either gender, to see how weapons or shoulders scale (and helms work pretty much correctly on Goblins.) You can also see the new gear that’s being put in all over old Azeroth on your current races. Slick.

Edit: In my hunting, I also found some models for plate gear that were under some Grey level items, all called ‘placeholder.’ The set I put together is missing gloves, waist and helm, but it’s all I could find. Check it out!


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