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Grinding Baron Rivendare

July 9, 2010

Long, miserable grinds. Aren’t they fun! Some people get more enjoyment out of them than others. I find them pretty dull, so tend to spice them up with Music, conversations, and such things. Above all, I try and optimise them to the best of my ability. One such grind I’ve recently returned to is the one Baron Rivendare’s mount, the Deathcharger. I want this because A) It looks cool and B) It’s going away in Cataclysm. All the undead instances like Stratholme and Scholomance, and possibly older ones like Razorfen Downs, are just becoming part of the world (as the death of the Lich King and the sealing of the new one makes undead world wide retreat and collapse). So that mal-nourished mare needs to join my stables. I’m up to 200 kills now, with no luck. I am by no means giving up.

The Strat grind is one that can be polished off fairly easily. However, there are a lot of annoying factors. There are trash mobs there than will stun, silence, fear, call other mobs. There are gates that fall and trap you. There are Ziggurats that have to be cleared before the last gate opens. It has a high potential to bug if you move faster than it expects. I’ve tried to put together a video of an average run so you can see how I do it. I’m still going to outline my path in text.

Preparation: Take 5 eggs and a whisk… hang on. You’ll first need to do a proper run of the place to find and kill Magistrate Barthilas. He has the Key to the City drop that will allow you to get in the back way. Here’s a map of the entrances. Once you have the Key to the City, you’ll be able to unlock the secret entrance (The service gate.) It’ll spawn you inside Stratholme in a different place.

The route: On entering, you will be faced with another gate that you use your key to open. You can bypass the several easy packs of undead. Magistrate Barthilas will notice you coming, and run away. I would advise not trying to engage him in combat, it can bug things. Open the gates he went through to trigger the Gauntlet, go down the corridor, turn right. Open another gate. You’re in the Gauntlet proper now. Your goal here is to topple the 3 Ash’ari crystals that are hovering above the 3 Ziggurats. You do this by killing the 5 mobs inside each one. To get inside, you need to kill the bosses that guard them. From the start of the gauntlet, follow the path right up to the first Ziggurat with Baroness Anastari. Kill her, and go in and clear the place out. (Handy hint, try either jumping across to the middle or using a ranged ability to kill the middle one, this will aggro the remaining 4 so you don’t have to run round and clear the two on each side, potentially missing some. You can tell when you’ve done it properly because there will be a yell to say the crystal has fallen. You’ll see my several failed jumps in the video, I don’t have a good sense of distance.) Leave the Ziggurat, keeping to the left till you’re back to the fork in the road. Take the left this time, down to the bug boss (Nerub something) and kill him. Clear out his Ziggurat. Leave that, and take the left path through the gates. Unless you have a movement speed increase to activate, it will clang shut on you and not open until all the insects that spawn are dead (they are easily aoeable.) Move on, taking the right path up to Maleki’s Ziggurat and killing him, and clearing it out. Then turn right when you leave it, down to the wide entrance to the area known as the Slaughterhouse. Once you have cleared all the Abominations, the main door will open and release Ramstein the Gorger. Now here is a potential for time-saving, but it has to be done carefully. Pick up Ramstein and run through the door whilst it’s still open. Kill him inside the building. The guards should spawn on top of you. Wait before killing them until the main door is closed. Then destroy them, go round the corner and fight the Baron. Hopefully you’ll get your mount!

A warning about the Ramstein tactics, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Those doors are coded to open and close on certain events, so it’s easy to bug them if you clear things too fast. Here is a list of what not to do:

  • Don’t go through the door without aggroing Ramstein. You’ll be stuck inside, he’ll be stuck outside. Nothing can be done.
  • Don’t go through and kill Ramstein and the guards without the first door closing. If all of the guards die before the first door closes, the second door wont open.
  • Don’t pull Baron before you’ve walked through his door, as aggroing him makes the door to his room shut.

All tried and tested and failed by the Zalmiestro. And now, for the video! It’s at mostly 4x speed for convenience’s sake, and it makes it sound funnier. The whole thing normally takes me about 5-6 minutes total. I also apologise for the quality, I’m falling foul of the same ‘Quality may be better after processing’ which is bugging BigRedKitty’s new videos.

Thanks for watching, and good luck on getting the mount!


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  1. July 9, 2010 2:11 pm

    I’ve gotten my Baron runs down to about 8 minutes from zone-in to instance reset. I can usually force myself to do it about 5 times before I’m ready to die of boredom. I don’t know what makes it unique in this case. I’ve been known to grind things for hours and hours on end and be able to just get in a zone and run with it.

    I think in this case it’s that it’s not a continual progression thing. Of that 8 minutes, 15 seconds of it is important, and it’s an all or nothing deal. The remaining 7:45 is essentially a waste. And if you don’t get the mount, you have to go do it all over again, exactly the same.

    I’m up to 98 mounts and this is one of the ones I still really, really want…

  2. Lethdarr permalink
    July 10, 2010 4:50 pm

    That video would be awesome with the benny hill theme tune on it xD

    anyway ive ran the instance about 30 times now not thatmany really as i only do it when i’m bored of grinding everything else. A mate of mine has it on 2 chars and the first 1 took 7 runs and the second char he got it 1st run!

    He just got lucky i suppose

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