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Time makes fools of us all

July 11, 2010

I’ve spoken before about the transient nature of guilds, and if I haven’t, I meant to or will in the future. Regardless – nothing lasts forever, not even the well buoyed up and structured things in life. Such have I found recently with my Guild of a year or more, Flames of the Phoenix. For a variety of reasons, the guild is closing its raiding, and I have left it. I don’t regret leaving the place, but I do feel sad to leave the people. Life moves on, I suppose. I’ve joined Praetorian Guards as a Trialist (or Tirone, as the rank is called, they have a themed Tabard too). It was one of the guilds that I had scoped out from when I first rerolled as being somewhere I’d potentially like to go if ever I got the gear. It’s not a 100% hardcore Guild (as I think I would find that fairly oppressive) but it is fairly high up there with its heroic 25 kills and regular raiding evenings.

Thanks to an unfortunate schedule conflict brought about by a foolish browser, a 60th meal out and my own addled confusion, I missed my first official raid with them. I have since done one unofficial one – the VoA and Weekly that one of the officers is kind enough to put together every week. Despite my relative lack of raider activity, I have enjoyed my time here so far. I’ve found the GM and officers anywhere between polite and friendly to amazingly helpful and supportive. The members seem enthusiastic and pretty much up for anything. The power of 277 geared raiders is impressive to behold. Since I joined I have seen go by in Guildchat/Achievementspams – Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ulduar 10 Hardmodes run, Ulduar 25 Hardmodes run, ToC25, ToC10 Tribute to Insanity, and a massive gankfest of one particular member.

The last of that litany was Elsen’s idea. In case you aren’t aware, killing a player in Halaa in Nagrand grants you one Halaa Battle Token, which when combined with the hard-to-grind-but-soloable Research tokens can be used to purchase mounts. I joined in on this with several others – one of the officers of the guild swapped over to his Horde and we nuked him 170 times. Mwahaha. Now I begin the long tiresome Crystal Powder grind, before returning to the Baron Rivendare grind. My WoWlife is taking on a definite theme.

And another thing about the Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples. I’m grinding Ogres for it, as Wowhead claims they have the highest drop-rate of it, and I get Beads for Consortium rep as well. And these Ogres spawn weird. I swear they didn’t use to do this. You kill one, and it seems like there’s a 30% chance another one will pop up instantly. Of course, this is wonderful for grinding, but a little bit unnerving. I feel like I’m breaking the game whenever I kill 4 ogres in a row that all spawn one after another. Maybe it’s Blizzards way of saying, ‘Sorry, you have to grind 350 of these powders that only stack to 100. Here’s some hax.’ One down, one to go. And by one to go, I mean two hundred more Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples at an 8% drop rate off Ogres that are popular targets for 80s and levellers. And it’s still less irritating than failing Baron runs.


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  1. July 11, 2010 10:51 am

    Praetorian Guards are lovely 🙂

  2. July 11, 2010 4:07 pm

    Yeah, I’m looking at my Baron Rivendare grind and going “Hm. Maybe I should add a couple other grinds so I don’t have only ONE THING to do these days.” And then I realise that I’d never keep my Baron grind up and that’s the one I can think of that I REALLY want (that seems like I’d be able to actually GET – anything PvP related is out the window, as my computer and my skills are not up for the challenge), so I just camp outside the service entrance when I log out, and have my hearth set to Light’s Hope.

    Here’s hoping it drops soon…

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