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Stumpy Talent Trees and Awesome Hats

July 17, 2010

The much anticipated 31 point-deep talent trees hit the internet a few days back. As I type this, Wowhead have just launched a fully working, online version of the current Cataclysm Beta Talent trees, complete with their level 10 speciality spell and mastery things. Go play around with it. I can wait.

As you can see, things are interesting. As reported, you pick a spec at level 10 and grab a spell that defines the tree for what it is (Thunderstorm, Pyroblast, etc) and a bunch of Masteries. I’m not sure about the latter, information seems to be varied and contradictory about mastery now. I’ve gathered the following:

  • At level 10 you get your masteries as well. That’s things like Meditation for healers and Vengeance for tanks.
  • These no longer scale with the number of points put in a tree, they are flat numbers.
  • They MAY scale with the mastery stat, I can’t find anything solid about what the mastery stat does anymore. Feel free to write in and put me straight.

And that’s about it. It looks good. I’ve attempted to rebuild several of my trees, but really, without full knowledge of how things will work (and indeed, a few talents across the board that are yet to be even filled in like Ret’s 31point talent) it makes assembling a tree little more than guesswork. I have found out for you that when these talents are activated we will have 36 talent points to rework our specs into. Obviously that’s also subject to change, but these talent changes will be in the pre-patch to Cataclysm, and there may be a good month of raiding Wrath content with all the Cataclysm Spell and Talent changes. Go think about it.

As I said, not much can be gained really from looking at these trees, other than the general aesthetic. I like the feel of them, they are easier to manage. I have come across more of the feel of ‘dip all your points into one tree and spend the spare 1-3 randomly in another tree.’ A lot of them seem to benefit from nearly fully filling up a tree, which personally makes me feel uncomfortable (I keep randomly flashing back to the Death Knight I instanced with in early Wrath trying to tank with a 71pt Frost Spec and no gear) however, this may become the norm in Cataclysm. Who can tell.

One thing I also want to share with you – the zomgawesomeness of gear that’s been uncovered in the Beta. A full cloth set with 4 different colours has been discovered. Dungeon sets? Random skins for 85 Blues? T11? Who knows. Click the pic for the full races preview (Warning, big file).



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  1. July 17, 2010 8:00 am

    That set looks like someone threw the Wicked Witch, a bunch of Munchkins and the Scarecrow in a blender. Oh and they added a Batman belt buckle for a laugh. Can’t wait to get one.

    • July 17, 2010 9:36 am

      That’s the spirit 😀
      I hope they’re widely obtainable so I can get them on my Pally without depriving anyone of loot :p

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