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Ain’t breakin this (Cataclysm Shield Models)

July 31, 2010

The wonderful Gnomes at MMO-Champion have uncovered the weapon models that are going to be used in the Blackwing Descent and Grim Batol raids. They aren’t all there, but the important stuff like shields most certainly is.

Let’s have a look at the tanking ones!

BWD is on the left, GB is on the right. I love the look of the Tanking BWD one. It looks solid, impenetrable, made of 10 inch thick bad-assium. My favourite colour out of those would have to be the bottom left, or possibly the top right. Both blend the colours nicely. Nice bit of glow to it too.

The GB one I’m not so thrilled with. It looks a bit Northrendy still, but never mind. It’s got the Dwarven hammer in the middle, but a few random spikes and horns make it rather strange. The only colour that really works is the bottom right, the rest are a bit clashy, but still, not bad.

BWD Tanking Shield: 9/10

GB Tanking Shield: 6/10

Again, BWD on the left, GB on the right. The BWD spell shield is looking pretty snazzy. It’s suffering a bit from over-spikyness but, that being said, it’s a pretty nicely balanced item. Some cool glows there too. I like all the colours on these.

The GB one is looking a bit better. Fairly similar to the tanking shield in design, they look pretty brawny. Not too over-spiked, some nice curving lines in there. Not exactly a spell caster looking item, but nice. I find, personally, the colours don’t really work – too clashy, especially top left. However, in different light or with some spell effects we can’t yet see, who knows?

BWD Spell Shield: 8/10

GB Spell Shield: 7/10

I think I’m going to prefer the look of items coming from BWD, having looked at the rest of the models. However, this is a good promising start, and signs that Blizzard are devoted to making the new items look as polished and slick as the new mobs and areas. Heal on, my friends!


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  1. August 2, 2010 12:13 pm

    It’s only when I see shiny new shields that I wish Deme could use them.
    Time to level that warrior.

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