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Draenei in disguise

August 2, 2010

I like things that change my appearance in some way. I don’t do this out of a dislike for my character. I love the way Zal looks, and his animations. I guess variety is the spice of life, at least for me; I take great joy in randomly changing his appearance. I have a large selection of transforming items in my inventory and bank. I can become any of the following:

  • Tiny me (Noggenfogger Elixir)
  • Skeleton (Noggenfogger Elixir)
  • Blood elf (Orb of the Sindorei)
  • Arakkoa Bird Person (Time-Lost Figurine)
  • Wolvar (Frenzyheart Brew)
  • Iron dwarf (Iron Boot Flask)
  • Furbolg (Dartol’s Rod of Transformation)

Most of those have unique animations that I wouldn’t see any other way. I vastly prefer the Sindorei orb to all of those, because I get to keep my gear on; it just gets put on the new form. I haven’t bothered buying an Orb of Deception either, seeing as I’m a Draenei it would have the same effect as the Orb of the Sindorei.

These items don’t give me much of a benefit, I just enjoy being different every so often. Although, having said that, being smaller than a gnome does have its PvP advantages. I don’t tend to get targeted so much with it on, and have been able to cap flags and so on whilst combat is flying around. No-one notices mini-Zal!

I highly enjoy mucking around with the Area52 transporter on my Priest, as I’ve posted before. A chance to be species swapped for an hour, not removed by death? Yes please!

I hope the Archaeology profession brings some more items like this. Fun vanity items are… well.. fun! I’ve enjoyed playing with things like the Titanium Seal of Dalaran, the focusing lenses that my Jewelcrafting made, and so on. I’m willing to bet there’s more on the horizon. What sort of novelty items would you like to see in the future?


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  1. August 2, 2010 7:49 am


    That is all.

    (PS, you spend way too much time as a belf. I’ve got screenies to prove it and everything)

  2. Cthulhu permalink
    August 5, 2010 11:23 pm

    In cata, warlocks are losing the Ritual of Doom, because the doomguard is becoming (I assume) an instant-summon or very short cast time, to match the infernal. They’re both DPS burst cooldowns now.

    Sadly, this means my RP guild’s method of recruitment (Summon doom altar, guild master and recruit both touch it, wibbly evil thing happens) will have to be changed. I’d like to see some small utility use the doom altar animation, just so it can continue to be used. All those uselessish spells that are getting pruned have their uses as RP special effects. I’d like to see a nice variety of on-use effects for trinkets – for example, the emblem of triumph caster trinkets both cause your character to do a main hand weapon swing, a great thing to be able to use for RP. I’m sure there will be some interesting and fun vanity items introduced, and I look forward to seeing what they are. I just hope that the thinning down of our old, less used spells doesn’t weaken our arsenal of in-character fanciness. I quite like being able to get the two coloured glowing hand effects of unending breath and detect invisibility.

    Also, pray that the RNG gives you a Super Simian Sphere, being an ape in a bubble and combining it with other transform items to be Strange Thing X In A Pink Bubble is ace.
    What I love most about the simian sphere is that warlock (and I guess Spriest) channeled beam spells (but oddly not the focusing lenses) channel from a point ABOVE the bubble, not the ape’s hand. I have occasionally been seen to yell ULLA! ULLA! while lasering things this way.

    • August 11, 2010 9:48 pm

      That sounds like an awesome method of recruiting people. RP aside, I want that in all guilds! I wish they wouldn’t prune for things like that. Pray they leave Eye of Kilrogg alone 😦

      I actually have the Super Simian Sphere in my Bank, although since it’s a trinket one I barely ever remember I have it. I didn’t know it did that though, sounds awesome 🙂


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