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BA Shared Topic: What Should Give You Guild Rep?

August 6, 2010

This is a shared topic from Blog Azeroth started by Snakedriver. The theme is ‘What should give you rep with your guild. Or even, perhaps what should give you NEGATIVE rep.’

Guild rep is something I like the sound of. I’ve seen pictures of the new Guild User Interface, and your Guild name in your reputation panel, and it looks good. I think the same things that qualify to level up your guild should also give you an appropriate level of reputation. However, I have some ideas I’d like to throw in here:

  • Time. How about gaining reputation with the guild at 10 rep a day? Not too much, but it shows that long term guild loyalty does not go unrewarded (and it certainly take an age to get to exalted just from that.)
  • Teamwork. Completing a dungeon with fellow Guildies could reward 100 Guild rep per dungeon complete. Killing a boss on 10 man could reward every member with 100 rep per boss. Killing a boss on 25 man could be 250, etc.
  • Championing. A lot of people wear a guild tabard. Why not make it so that nets you rep? This could possibly be an unwise choice, as A) You’re not really contributing anything and B) You could get exalted in a few weeks without ever lifting a finger for your Guild members.
  • Guild Perk, Cash flow. I’m sure Blizzard will monitor the flow of Gold from this. If you’re wondering, it’s a two rank Guild perk that creates an extra 5/10% cash on the loot table and puts it directly in the guild bank. Maybe 1 rep per silver that goes in?
  • Crafting. If you create an item, then trade it to someone else with your guild tag, you receive 200 rep.
  • Boosting. If there’s a max level in the instance when a low level character gets a dungeon complete achievement, the booster gets 50 rep.
  • Leadership. Raid leader of a successful raid? Bonus 20 rep ontop of whatever else.
  • Donating high level items. BoE epics, crafted blue gear, gathering materials. All of this could be calculated to give a rep gain when you deposit it in the Guild bank.
  • Attendance. 10 rep for every 10 minutes spent in an instance with a full guild raid.

And, just for fun…

  • Healing! For those times when you stand around at the start of a raid and heal the other healers in a big-green-numbers competition. 1 rep per 10k health healed!

Those are my thoughts. I haven’t checked the other submissions to BA about this, so sorry if mine are a repeat of anyone else’s! I hope to see things like these implemented as ways to get Guild reputation.


PS. The picture links to the CynicalBrit’s video review of the Guild roster, perk and reputation system as it is in Beta currently.


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