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PTR… or not

September 19, 2010

I was going to bring you a long and interesting post about my recent forays into the updated Public test realm, complete with Screenshots, witticisms and more. However, they’ve wiped my characters. I assume everyone has had this; I certainly have. I’m not going through another 13gig of download and a possible two day wait for character copying again when I only have today left to enjoy myself!


I can only give you a rough, and sadly entirely text based impression from the time I spent on it yesterday, the few hours I got that came between the hideously long character transfer wait and before it went down for maintanance :

Holy Paladins

Scarily changed. Several spells seem to have swapped roles. The power of our healing across the board seems to be down, but with Holy Shock, Daybreak and Word of Glory, we can put out rapid healing faster than before. Light of Dawn looks shiny but heals for pathetically insignificant amounts. We’re still not very mobile healers, and I doubt we will be till we can level up in the expansion and grab Holy Radiance. I have no idea how well I’ll do at healing in a raiding situation yet, seeing as the only way I can put out the same amount as Live Zal is to drain my mana in 20 seconds or so. Hmmm.

Retribution Paladins

I don’t know what’s going on here. Or rather, I do, but I have no idea where I’m going wrong. I had recount up on the PTR. I know how Rets have changed, and the principles behind their new rotation for both single target and AoE. I believe I was specced correctly. There were no obvious omissions to explain why my DPS dropped by more than 4k from live to PTR. I can only hope recount was broken, seeing as my dps did not improve after an hours close study and practice, with an average ilvl of 271. I may have to hand in my Retribution badge.

Shadow Priests:

Now with even more ways to make your life a misery! Not content with stuns and disarms and silences, there’s also now a 4 second stun after a Mind Blast crit! Hurrah. The big new draw of Shadowpriests is however the Shadowy Apparition talent, or ‘My little army of darkness.’ When this hits live, you’ll see what I mean.


Crashed in Dalaran. Wasn’t able to get back on him. Yay.

And that’s about it. Hurrah for forebodings! I’m hugging the live realm like anything now, I’m not certain I want these changes to come… Glad I had the chance to find it out.


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