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So what exactly is Blessing of Fish all about?

BoF is a blog about World of Warcraft, from the perspective of a long time player who currently plays as an Alliance Paladin. That player would be me. Hello! I’m Zal, the sole writer of this blog. I’ve been playing for about four years now, and have amassed a large amount of wisdoms and interesting tidbits that I’d like to share with the community. The sort of thing generally covered in my blog posts are:

  • Paladin changes and news, my analysis of and feelings about.
  • Guides, lots of them. Levelling, locations, how to play, you name it. I like writing them, I love people benefiting from them.
  • My progress through the game. I love rambling about things I’ve enjoyed, and sharing my experiences with you all.
  • I like to look to the future, and talk about things that will be or might be implemented, because I’m a perennial daydreamer. I just have to share my hopes sometimes!

Overall, this is a rambling blog with pretty pictures. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Why not check out the History of this blog, it’s creations and inspirations? Click the Behind the Blog button. Want to know how Zal came to be? Or why I make a lot of references back to the old, barbaric Horde days? Click the Character History button.


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