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The Character History

Many years ago, a Tauren was down on his luck and having eaten his last apple, he went to the Stonebull lake, where he found an abandoned rod. There, he received the Blessing of Fish. His name was Ort, and he was the first.

The earliest character I ever created was a Tauren Hunter. I’ve found since that a lot of people abandon their first character, having made it without the information about the class or the species they desired. However, I received my package of World of Warcraft as a gift, shortly before leaving to go on holiday, and I took the manual with me. I made myself knowledgeable on all the major classes and species, and decided what I liked the sound of best. When I returned, I made that character, and called him Ort. Terenas EU was the server that was auto-picked for me, and that’s where I’ve stayed.

Ort was my main for a very long time. I stayed with this character through my brief time in Vanilla, and all the way up to level 70 with 22 days /played. I was very inexperienced at MMO games (in fact, WoW was my first) and moved through things very slowly. I felt deep companionship for the Pet I kept with me, which for the most part was a wonderful Crab called Oliver. I made a few friends on the Horde side, some of which got me into heavy PvP at 70, and also got me my first taste of raiding. I was not running any addons when I first entered Karazhan, which is a shame, because I’d like to look back at recount and laugh. I improved, after coaching from various, more experienced friends. There was plenty I did not understand about the way raiding worked, and I have taken it upon myself in this blog to write beginners guides, the stuff we raiders take for granted but is vastly confusing to a new player. I made a decent ranged dps in the end, but wanted to try something new.

I strayed into caster territory, trying Mages, Shamans and Warlocks. My Undead Mage was called Kataclysm (a name I would be sure to be forced to change now but was perfectly innocent at the time) and an Orcish Warlock called Toxigar. I spent a long time on my Warlock, and he reached 60 with aid of my then partner. It was an enjoyable character, but my motivation slipped again around the level of Outland. That character’s time has passed; he was transferred off server seeing as I didn’t want to delete him. He currently resides on the Chamber of Aspects server, and I have since levelled him to 70. He was never a main, however. My Shaman was called Katapult (I would later reuse the ‘Kat’ nickname for Katastrophe) and I leveled him as a Troll with little ambitions. It was fun in some ways, and there was a lot I liked about the Shaman class, but a lot I didn’t, too.

Another of my characters that never saw main-hood was my Tauren Druid. Initially called Shoudler, I renamed him Bonsai when I decided to level him as a healing tree. I enjoyed the shapeshifting, but found most of the Druid’s way of doing things not to my liking. He now lives on Argent Dawn, under the moniker of Naldun. After that, I decided what I really needed was a Priest.

The young Priest Aura left Silvermoon city to seek her fortune, with nought to comfort her but the goggles on her head and the mechanical fishing rod which had served her well. The wise Tauren she had met in a tavern had imparted the wisdom of the Blessing of Fish to her. She was no longer content with a vendor’s life. She was the second.

Aura was always a favourite of mine, feeling from day one like she had a distinct personality. Her Engineering meant that there was barely a time whilst levelling that I wasn’t making good use of gadgets and goggles, and I spent most of her TBC endgame wearing the healing goggles crafted at 62. She was my main for the back end of TBC, and raided decent content. I was never particularly lucky with gear for her, and she replaced most of her gear in Wrath fairly fast. As attached as I was to the character (raiding for several months as a Holy Healer) I abandoned the character in Wrath in favour of my Hunter.

I levelled my Hunter to 80 very fast, enjoying the rich quest lines and replacing my epics with blues, both dropped and crafted. Indeed, I was the 3rd person in my guild to reach the new cap. Sadly, a few weeks into my endgame play, my favourite spec, Beast Mastery, was nerfed into the ground. Looking back, it was rightfully so – your pets could do higher dps than you once you started picking up level 80 gear. I was hitting 2-3k without any Epic gear and my limited TBC Hunter knowledge. I took the nerf to the pets very hard however, and decided it was time to try a new avenue. It was time to foray into the brand new class, the Death Knight.

Katastrophe, born Kaitlyn Starbright, a High Elf fighter, was one of the first Death Knights to break free of the Lich King’s hold and rejoin the Horde. She looked back on her days as an undead minion with a shudder, for the atrocious acts she had been forced to commit, the living conditions and the ‘food’ she had eaten were enough to turn the stomach of any decent being. She sought solace in the all-night taverns of Orgrimmar, where she met two old friends, sharing a drink. They spoke to her about the way of the Blessing of Fish, and pointed her to a wise race of Tuskarr in the lands to the North who would open her mind to the ‘way.’ She was the third.

I enjoyed playing my Death Knight immensely, and before I really registered I’d hit 80 I’d been pulled into the Naxxramas raiding squad. She was swiftly kitted out in decent gear, and was one of the Guild’s top DPS. It was my first time as a Melee, and whilst it had its problems, I loved every minute of it. This seemed like it would go on forever, but sadly it was not to be. There was one last glorious Naxx 25, where my friends and I stood over the fallen corpse of Heigan the Unclean and took our last killshot. Then our Guild leader, active since Vanilla, decided he wanted to quit to spend more time with his family. This was understandable, but devastating. He was really the backbone of the Guild. We went through 3 new leaders in the space of a month after his departure, and ended with a man whos policies and bias drove most of the raiders to fighting amongst themselves, and the guild shredded from within. I, never one for conflicts, departed from the Horde, and rerolled completely afresh.

Many years previous to the adventures of Ort, Kat and Aura, the great ship Exodar crashed into Azuremyst Isle. The surviving Draenei struck out into the world, joining the Alliance in their fight again the Horde and the Burning Legion. One such hero was Zalduun, a devout elder of the Draenei who was accepted into the Church of the Light as a Paladin. He brought many powerful Blessings with him from Argus. He told his fellow adventurers ‘I can teach you the way of the Blessing of Fish,’ but alas, many responded ‘Kings plz.’

With the aid of the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ levelling bonus, I levelled Zalduun hand in hand with a college friend of mine, whos character was a Druid called Zanty. We learned our skills from the ground up, and worked together well. Neither of us had played the class before, but we had learnt them pretty thoroughly by the time we reached 80.

I built up my gear as much as possible, given that my Horde riches had been left far behind and Heirlooms could not yet be mailed across factions. Kitted out in the best BoE epics and 5 Man heroic gear I could obtain, I applied to many different guilds. After many, many rejections, just as I was about to quit the game in despair, I received a very positive response from a guild called Respice Finem. They took me on, and I raided with them, becoming a fast regular in their 10 man groups. I enjoyed playing all three of my Specs across my time with them, respeccing as needed, but my main setup was always Holy. I loved Paladin healing, and do to this day. I raided then with my fellow bloggers, Elsen and Jaedia. After that guild ran into problems, I moved to Flames of the Pheonix with Elsen. I raided with them through ToC and the majority of ICC. They were a lovely bunch of people, but sadly most of them left or quit the game over my time there, leaving the guild only sparsely populated with people I liked, and majorly overcrowded with more social people who couldn’t be taken on raids if we wished to progress forward rather than backwards.

So, I made the tough decision, and moved on. I’m currently in the guild Praetorian Guards, a hardcore 25 man guild. We do pretty well, the people are lovely, and the raiding is serious again. It is to them I have to tip my hat for getting me my Kingslayer title, my several pieces of 277 loot and a bucketload of achievement points. Long may this last.

As you may have gathered, at various points, I took my characters across from Horde to Alliance so I could still raid and play with my friends on them. I got them all to around t9/t10 level in gear, and use their professions often. However, they are all 3 still Horde at heart, and it would take a lot for me to start playing any of them seriously again. Zal the Paladin is my main now, a true Alliance, and I look to his future with hope in my heart. Blizzard is rebuilding Paladins, nearly from the ground up. There will be more tools in our arsenal than on Professor Putricide’s lab table. I look forward to raiding at 85, with whoever I choose to take on.


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  1. Comito permalink
    July 30, 2010 11:37 am

    Really touching story so far I’ve read, kinda makes me think of my chars stories up to this point of playing just over a year 🙂

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