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BoF’s Guides and Resources

Here I shall gather all the many useful things I have blogged about, in the hope that they will be of some help. Rather than make a new front page tab every time I start a new series, I will place them all here, in an easy to view format. You can use the dropdown list from the tab, or the one provided here.

Keybound is a small series of post on unusual and interesting keybinds to benefit speed, efficiency, and all sorts of shiny things.

Things you might not knowThings you might not know are my posts on explorations of Cities, and all the hidden gems they come with.

Looking to the Future is a series looking ahead to what we know about Cataclysm Zones and Dungeons.

My Class discussion posts are what they say on the tin. They will often be dated, as stuff changes all the time.

A guide to how to best level your alts with the help of your 80 characters. (As of Patch 4.0.1, redundant.)

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