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Holy PTR Impressions

October 4, 2010

Ok, I managed to get back on. Character recopied, respecced, fully TEG’d, infact. Well, close. I can’t seem to get rid of old Glyphs using the new Vanishing powder, so my Light of Dawn is annoyingly nerfed. However, I’m sure that’ll be fixed for live.


It appears to have shifted to a more dynamic system. I didn’t think I’d like this when I read about it, but this is why actually trying these things is so important.

Current Model: Spam Holy Light on healing target for big numbers. One Beaconed target can be forgotten about till Beacon needs a refresh. To save mana in low damage phases, some Flashes of Light and Holy Shocks can be used.

PTR Model: Holy Shock every time it’s off cooldown for reasonable and instant heals. Daybreak allows for multiple Holy Shocks. The resultant Speed/Infusion of Light Procs from these many Shocks means speedy spamming of Holy Light laced in as filler healing, and increased speed Divine light for maximum top up. Word of Glory at 3 Holy Power is nice and powerful, and basically a free and instant Flash of Light (the new beefy one). Beacon can no longer be forgotten about, but can instead be healed for insane Holy Power generation. And… healing with lasers (see below.)


Well, I really can’t imagine the values are in. I healed 3 heroics on the PTR, and didn’t drop beneath 95% mana. And to cap that, there were no deaths, even after insane dpsing Hunters and Ele shammies pulled aggro multiple times. PTR model is more versatile, more effective and more efficient. I’m thoroughly impressed.


Kings and Might as raidwide reagent-free instant cast hour long buffs? I think I’m in heaven. Seal of Insight uses the animation of Live’s Seal of Light, which is pretty awesome (that is to say it is both awesome and pretty.)

Healing with lasers:

As the image at the top of the post shows, I love the new heal: Light of Dawn. Contrary to most bloggers and articles comments I’ve read about the spell, I had no trouble remembering to and finding decent uses for this spell. It looks great, and has a cool sound effect. What’s more, as far as I can tell, all the healing you do with it adds up into one big heal that goes onto your Beaconed target too, so if you’re worrying if you can fit it in whilst tank healing, you sure can! I was healing about 3-4k with that stupid Glyph I couldn’t get rid of. You may think that’s not much, but once you start putting up all sorts of things like spell power and crit buffs, it can go a bit further. It’s basically like a slightly weaker Holy Light on everyone that’s caught in it, so a lovely tool for topup.

What I can’t test:

Cause this is PTR and not Beta, I can’t test Divine Radiance. As versatile as Holy Paladins feel now, the AoE healing spell will fill the last niche Holy Paladins currently lack; group healing. Light of Dawn is a top up, not a reliable restorative spell for persistent AoE damage. That’s where Divine Radiance comes in (or so I’m told.)

Heal on, my friends. The Sunset of Spamming is sinking into the distance, and we can now eagerly await the Light of Dawn. (See what I did there.)


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  1. rilandune permalink
    October 8, 2010 5:35 pm

    This is exactly what I was hoping to see/hear of Healadin mechanics in the coming expansion. I am certain that my Paladin will be my main from this point on, I’m geeking out over the complexity of the healing mechanics alone.

    • October 9, 2010 8:27 am

      Yeah, it’s nice and flowing, and brings a much smoother overall feel to the spec. Huzzah!

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