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Single Abstract Noun and why I love the WoW community sometimes

March 7, 2010

Four days ago from writing this post, Tam over at Righteous Orbs made an interesting post – Let’s do a thing!

I’m calling all bloggers, readers, commenters, friends, friends-of-friends, passers-by, randoms, lurkers, occasional visitors, Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots … to roll up a Hordie alt, and come and join SINGLE ABSTRACT NOUN, a blogging communities guild on Argent Dawn.

Now Tam went and made this guild. I’m obviously summarising his long and amusing article, go read it. Now. If you’ve already read it, read it again. I can wait.

Me, one of SANs few Rogues, charging forth. Or maybe I saw a bird.

I wasn’t aware of this as it was posted, but my long time friend Elsen dragged me from my daily grind of quests, heroics and godamn Warsong Gulch is the PVP Daily too often and off to make a noobish Horde on Argent Dawn. Being the amiable chap that I am, I did so, and made a Horde Druid. I entered a community like I haven’t seen in ages. It’s what you get if you take the smartest, craziest people with a flare for writing and put them in a green chat forum. It was, in short, pure undiluted win. I decided this project was worth an investment, and swapped one of my characters with heirlooms over to Argent Dawn, and passed them onto a new Rogue. I’m well known for my failure with the two energy using classes, so I thought it would be a laugh. It has been, and watching my little Troll Rogue claw his way up the levels is rather heartwarming. At the same time, I’m constantly reading the full flow of green that comes with being on that character. I love it. It’s for blogs and readers of blogs. If you’re here, that makes you one. Go make a noob Horde. Now.



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